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  • Hollins Magazine Spring 2014

    Editor’s Note: Spring 2014 Issue

    May 29 | Editor's Note | | Comments Off on Editor’s Note: Spring 2014 Issue

    Now that we’re well into the 21st century and emerging from the worst recession in decades, employers, parents, and prospective students are all asking—legitimately—whether a liberal...

  • 2014 internships

    Alumnae Connections

    May 29 | Alumnae Connections | | Comments Off on Alumnae Connections

    Students held signature internships during J-Term...

  • Living the Liberal Arts

    Living the Liberal Arts

    May 29 | Featured | | Comments Off on Living the Liberal Arts

    "The core values of a liberal education—clear thinking, clear writing, and clear speaking—are equally valuable in all fields."...

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