Inauguration Schedule

8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Registration for Delegates and Guests
Cromer Bergman Alumnae House
8:30 a.m to 9:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast
Lobby, Dana Science Building
9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Hollins Alumnae Panel
“Hollins Women Living a Life of Consequence”
Babcock Auditorium, Dana Science Building
10:00 a.m. Ringing of Chapel Bells
Robing of Processional Participants
Various Locations
Seating of Guests
Jessie Ball duPont Chapel
10:45 a.m. Class of 2018 Processional for Wreath Laying
Front Quadrangle
10:45 a.m. Formation of Processional Line
11:00 a.m. Inauguration of Dr. Pareena G. Lawrence
Jessie Ball duPont Chapel
Following the ceremony, luncheon will be served in the Moody Center.
1:30 p.m. t0 3:30 p.m. Academic Open Houses and Dessert with Students
Hollins students and faculty host desserts and special activities
Dana Science Building, Richard Wetherill Visual Arts Center, Botetourt Hall


Hollins Alumnae Panel


Shamecca Q. Bryant Jones ’04
Head of U.S. Operations, Carolina for Kibera, Inc., Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Meredith Cope-Levy ’12, M.F.A. ‘18
Playwright and Event Coordinator, Hollins University

Puja Sharma ’11, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cancer Biology, Wake Forest Baptist Health, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

K. Elysse Stolpe ‘10
Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Waynesboro, Virginia


Open House Activities

Dana Science Building

Chemistry in Action – Room 221 (1:45-2:15 and 2:30-3:00)
This interactive laboratory session will engage participants in the “magic” of chemistry through several hands-on experiments. No previous chemistry experience necessary. Goggles provided.

The Inner World of Snakes – Room 142 (1:45-2:15 and 2:30-3:00)
How does a snake sense the world around it? This interactive session will answer this question and many more and will include snake handling opportunities. No previous experience required.

Hollins Science: Student Explorations and Investigations – Throughout Dana (drop in 1:30-3:00)
This poster session highlights independent student research in psychology, biology, chemistry, environmental studies, and mathematics with topics ranging from field projects in the Caribbean to data wrangling to interactivity of toddlers with technology. Walk through at your leisure.

Celebrating Biology: Explorations of the Natural World – Rooms 209, 216, and 217 (1:45-2:15 and 2:30-3:00)
Come and get a taste of the multi-faceted world that is biology & environmental studies! Spool and see a strawberry’s DNA, try your hand at being a microbiologist, and see the natural world through a different lens (a microscope lens to be exact!). Come and meander through our beautiful new labs, meet some of our wonderful students, and pick and choose the fun, interactive activities that you want to do and all at your own pace.

Data Mining and Wrangling – Room 111 (1:45-2:15 and 2:30-3:00)
Determine how common your name is and graph its use over time, create and explore interactive maps, and follow purchase associations. Faculty and students will lead instruction on these projects and more with easy-to-use and cutting edge statistical software.

Crafts and Activities with the Child Development Lab – Room 125 (drop in 1:30-3:00)
This enjoyable and creative session is for parents and children (ages 2-8) and includes hands-on activities with faculty and students from the psychology department and the child development lab.

Physics in Motion – Room 240 (1:45-2:15 and 2:30-3:00)
Explore the physics of periodic motion in this fun, hands-on experiment with standing waves on strings. Familiarity with string theory is not required.

Digging into our Past: The Work of the Hollins Heritage Committee – Room 102 (1:45-2:15 and 2:30-3:00)
This short presentation will highlight the continuing work of the Hollins Heritage committee as it examines the institutional history of Hollins. Names, contributions, and voices of people who have been largely invisible in our history will be highlighted.

Richard Wetherill Visual Arts Center

Model United Nations – Auditorium (1:45-2:15 and 2:30-3:00)
Model UN and Model Arab League provide extraordinary leadership training opportunities for Hollins students. In this session, the audience will get an introduction to these conferences and see students demonstrate how they learn to be diplomats, negotiators and leaders.

Exploring the Power of Art at the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum (1:45-2:15 and 2:30-3:00)
Students will lead tours of the three current exhibits (the powerful portraits by Artist-in-Residence Zanele Muholi; feminist-inspired artist books by Susan E. King; and sculptures by Jim Hyams that pay homage to ten artists in his important collection of contemporary prints) discussing the power of art and its ability to educate and influence.

Botetourt Hall

Hollins Presidential History (1:45-2:15 and 2:30-3:00)
Journey through Hollins history with a student-led tour of the portraits of past Hollins presidents, beginning with our founder, Charles Lewis Cocke through President Emerita Nancy Oliver Gray.