Frequently Asked Questions

Updated as of 3/20/20

We will regularly update this page with new questions or updated answers as information changes and decisions are announced.

For students: On and leaving Campus

How is the administration at Hollins responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?
A coronavirus task force has been meeting for weeks and will continue doing so to assess and adapt as needed to a swiftly-evolving crisis. The group is closely monitoring reports from experts on the spread of this disease and refining our emergency contingency plans, should they be needed, in accordance with the best guidance available. We will update our extended community through email and on this web page regularly as needed.

What is the timeline for students?
Campus Security personnel began securing buildings on Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Buildings will remain locked through at least April 12. During this period, buildings with card readers (Moody, Dana, VAC, Library, Main, West, and East) will be locked. Students who have been authorized by the University to remain on the campus during this period will have limited use of their ID cards. These students will only have access to their residence hall, Moody, and the Dana 111 computer lab. duPont Chapel will be available to students between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. All other Student ID cards will be disabled for the emergency period. Students will not have access to secured buildings during the emergency period and requests for exceptions will not be honored.

What about Commencement?
We are still in discussions involving a best path forward for Commencement. We will have more details for you hopefully before the end of March.

Will we be reimbursed for housing and meals?
We are still in discussions involving reimbursement. We will have more details for you hopefully before the end of March.

When and how can I get the rest of my belongings from campus?
We are still in discussions involving arrangements for students to pick up their remaining belongings. We will have more details for you hopefully before the end of March.

How is Hollins addressing the concerns of international students?
The university realizes the impact of this situation on students who hold particular identities and come from specific areas of the world. Due to severe limitations on international travel, all international students presently on campus will be granted the choice to request and maintain residence at Hollins, although they must remain on campus through Spring Recess in order to merit consideration. Housing and Residence Life will be emailing all students with information and a form for requesting to stay.

Can I return to campus for my belongings?
When leaving for Spring Recess, students are advised to take as many of their belongings as possible, since at this point in time it is uncertain when residence halls can be reopened and in-person, on-campus instruction can resume. However, we recognize that not all students will be able to fully pack up. Students with questions or concerns regarding their specific housing situation or belongings should contact Melissa Hine in Housing and Residence Life at x6281 or

Is the campus completely closed?
At this point, the Hollins campus is not closed, and we do not have plans to close the campus. Staff and faculty will continue to have access to their offices and labs. Administrative staff are expected to report for work if able unless cleared with their supervisor. Services and amenities on campus will be limited, and Hollins will practice recommended social distancing and mitigation efforts. Hollins will not be hosting in-person admission events or campus visits until at least April 13 pending further evaluation and announcements.

Can I leave my car on campus during this time?
All students wishing to leave their vehicles on campus during this time must park in the Lower West parking lot (sometimes referred to as “Siberia”).

Several major celebrations are scheduled to take place on campus this spring, including Honors Convocation, Commencement, and Reunion. Will COVID-19 affect these events?
All campus events scheduled from March 13 through April 12 are officially cancelled. We will make an announcement no later than April 6 regarding events and dates scheduled to take place after April 12. The university will continue to follow any future guidance from the CDC and VDH as it relates to large gatherings and will respond accordingly should it become necessary to avoid holding any kind of large group gathering in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Are outside visitors allowed on campus?
Members of the general public will not be allowed to enter or use academic or creative facilities, or visit with students inside of the residence halls. They may continue to walk the campus loop or access Roanoke County’s recycling center located at the rear of campus.

Can students remaining on campus, commuter students, or those who live nearby access their classrooms, labs, studios, etc.?
Our students who will continue to live in the residence halls during this time frame will not be able to use labs, studios, practice rooms, or other academic or creative facilities. However, in order to support a well-rounded quality of life for them, they will be able to access Moody Student Center, the Dana Science Building computer lab, and of course, take walks on the loop around campus. Concurrently, Hollins will encourage everyone on campus to practice recommended social distancing and mitigation efforts.

What if a student, faculty, or staff member is identified for testing?
In accordance with VDH recommendations, in the event that a student, faculty, or staff member qualifies for COVID-19 testing, they will be excused from class attendance and work duties and asked to isolate themselves until the test results are available. If a student who has remained in campus housing qualifies for testing, they will be isolated into a single-person living arrangement. The student, faculty, or staff member’s household contacts (including roommates) will be asked to self-observe for any signs of illness.

What if a student, faculty, or staff member is confirmed to have the coronavirus?
If the first case of COVID-19 is identified at Hollins, the VDH will work closely with the university to make recommendations to isolate the patient, trace contacts, and investigate any potential exposures.

What if students, faculty, or staff have questions about the coronavirus?
For queries about COVID-19, the campus community should contact Hollins University Health and Counseling Services at or x6444. The CDC and VDH websites are also updated regularly with the latest information.

Study/Travel Abroad

What is being done to safeguard students who are participating this semester in Hollins Abroad-London or other study abroad programs affiliated with the university?
(Updated 3/17) All but a handful of Hollins students studying abroad have returned or are in the process of returning home. A select few have chosen to sign waivers and remain in their current location for a variety of reasons. The programs have remote/online learning plans in place.