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For more than 45 years, Hollins has offered students the opportunity to engage in internships during the January term. 80% of students complete at least one internship; 53% of students complete two or more internships. An internship also offers an employer the opportunity to take a “first look” at a potential employee and to enhance the current workforce of the company or organization. Employers help our students make informed judgments about their career plans by involving them in ways that allow them to understand the nature of the work at their organization.

What’s a Hollins internship? A structured, experiential learning opportunity that occurs on location with a business, organization or enterprise. Many Hollins students enroll in a full-time, four-credit internship, which requires 140 on-site hours. Students may choose to complete an internship during January Short Term.

What does it mean to hire a Hollins intern? It means your organization will have an intern who is an engaged, self-starting leader, and a strong communicator. Our students also bring a background rich in academic rigor and critical thinking skills that come from a strong liberal arts education. 

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