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Barrie Feighner Bain, 1964

pseudonym Barrie Feighner Crawford

Elizabeth (Liz) Robinson Baldwin, 1982

pseudonym: Elizabeth Essex

Joan Baranow-Watts, 1980

Elizabeth Barbour, M.A., 1998

Daisy King Barker, 1896

Brenda L. Barnes, 1975

Leone Giddings Barrett, 1910

Lani Daniel Basberg, 1969

Nancy Wright Beasley, M.F.A. 2011

Charlotte Burner Becker, 1966

as co-editor with Lawrence Becker

Gail Gathman Becker, 1965

as G.G. Becker

Leslee Becker, M.A., 1996

Amanda Beesley, M.A., 1996

Madison Smartt Bell, M.A., 1981

Alexis Czencz Belluzzi, M.F.A., 2006

Don Belton, M.A., 1982

Kimberly Bennett-Zizzi, M.A.L.S., 2003

Phil Berger, M.A., 1965

Dr. Jennifer Berman, 1986

Sara Bussey Bickerstaff, 1929

William Biddle, M.A.L.S., 1982

Margaret Goldsborough Bigger, 1961

Warren L. Bingham, M.A.L.S., 1997

Louisa Lehmann Birch, 1961

Margaret Blank Birth, 1985

Pseudonyms: Starr-Keithley-Phillips and Maggie Adams

Marie Hall Bishop, 2013

Mary Carter Bishop, M.A. 1989

Jennifer Blair, M.A., 2003

Julia Blake, 1964

C. L. Bledsoe, M.F.A., 2006

Adrian Blevins, M.A., 1990

Katherine Boling, M.A., 1999

Marjorie Nix Bond, 1922

Muriel Boone, 1912

Rebecca Boone, M.A.L.S., 2000

Jenny Boully, 1998, M.A., 1999

Louis Bourne, M.A., 1965

George K. Bowers, M.A.L.S. 1975, Lois S. Bowers M.A.L.S. 1973

Alice Meriwether Bowsher, 1966

Margaret Rudgard Bradley, 1971

Catherine Brady, M.A., 1978

Danielle Branche-Brown, 2012

Nicole Brewer, 2004

Irv Broughton, M.A., 1971

Drea Brown, 2002

Jerry Elijah Brown, M.A., 1968

Katharine Lowe Brown, 1962

Margaret Wise Brown, 1932

Pseudonyms: Timothy Hay, Golden MacDonald, and Juniper Sage

Ferrebee Catharine Bryan, 1908

Randy Burgess, M.A., 1994

Elizabeth “Betsy” Christenberry Holleman Burke, 1964

John Bradley “Brad” Burkholder, M.A., 1980

Mary Beth Burton, 1983

also writes as Mary Ellen Taylor

May Dulaney Bush, 1923

George Butler, M.A., 1968