The Hollins Fund


Going Places Since 1842.

How far can we go?

From a neurosurgeon to a White House correspondent, from business owners and environmental policy advocates to CEOs, educators, and community leaders, Hollins women have truly gone places. Your gift to the Hollins Fund supports the next generation of women going places. How far can we go? 

Why the Hollins Fund is important

The Hollins Fund provides nearly 10% of the Hollins operating budget. It’s essential to have a robust and growing Hollins Fund, to support the student experience inside and outside of the classroom.

Strength in numbers.

Gifts of any amount make an impact on students’ lives. And alumnae participation by giving counts in college rankings. Imagine if 100 alumnae each gave a $25 gift to the Hollins Fund – that would not only boost our participation for rankings, but provide $2,500 in funds for today’s students and professors. Rest assured your gift does matter and represents a vote of confidence in Hollins.

Monthly gifts make life easier.

Did you know that you can make monthly recurring gifts to Hollins with your credit or debit card? It’s easy! Monthly contributions make the amount manageable and the process easy. Just select the “recurring gift” option on our online gift form.

Leading the Way for Hollins.

Honoring the year Hollins was founded, the 1842 Society provides special recognition to alumnae/i, parents, and friends who annually support Hollins at a level of $1,842 or higher. As an 1842 Society donor, you will be invited to special events with the president and trustees. And you will know you are among the leadership donors whose giving substantially impacts our current students.

Recent alumnae lead, too.

Alumnae who graduated within the last 14 years can join the 1842 Society through Miss Matty’s Circle. A Miss Matty’s leadership gift can start at $250; that’s just a little over $20 a month!