Student Apartment Village

Students in the student apartment village

Students enjoy the outdoor living space at the Student Apartment Village.

Monica Osborne ’20 shares how the new student apartment village has already helped to cultivate community.

Phase I Complete!

Thanks to the outpouring of support from generous donors, Phase I of the new student apartment village is complete—and students were extremely excited and thankful to have moved in this fall! See below for opportunities to support Phase II, including a $400,000 challenge grant awarded by the Cabell Foundation of Richmond, Virginia.

Here’s a glimpse of the building of Phase I of the Student Apartment Village.


Plan of Student Apartment Village

View of Student Apartment Village from above.

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Students Excited for Fall 2019 Occupancy

With an aggressive schedule and significant progress being made, Phase I was ready for residential students this Fall. Leading up to the housing lottery for the 2019-20 academic year, students were very excited about the possibility of securing a spot in what has quickly become the most desirable housing option on campus. Students moved in before the beginning of the 2019-20 academic year.

Photo of Epa Cabrera“The Student Village will bring contemporary housing to the Hollins campus, enhance the already beautiful scenery, and provide a space that embraces both community and nature.”
Epa Cabrera ’20


Photo of Monica Osborne“Everyone is discussing who will be living in the new student village. It is such an exciting time to be a student at Hollins! Our class is looking forward to being a part of history, as we will be the first class to live there. We are so thankful to the alumnae/i who have helped enrich our living experience at Hollins.”
Monica Osborne ’20

Photo of Casey Mahan

I am thrilled to see Hollins providing new, modern housing, which will foster a greater sense of community and build upon our beautiful campus. Thank you to all of the generous donors who have made this milestone possible.”
Casey Mahan ’20

Support for Phase II

As construction is now completed on the four buildings that make up Phase I, fundraising efforts have begun for Phase II. The Cabell Foundation of Richmond, VA has awarded a challenge grant of $400,000 to support the Phase II construction of the new student apartment village. The grant requires a 3:1 match by May 2020, meaning we need to raise an additional $1.2 M by that time.

Naming Opportunities:

There are many opportunities to support the construction of the student apartment village and establish an endowment to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the amenities of apartment-style living for many years to come.

Village $5,000,000
Two Buildings $1,000,000
One Building $500,000
Apartment Unit $100,000
Kitchen $50,000
Porch $35,000
Bedroom $25,000

Suite Life

The new apartment village offers a variety of suite-style living options that are popular with today’s students. The units include single and double bedrooms, communal living spaces, kitchens, private bathrooms, laundry machines, spacious front porches, and shared outdoor areas.

Floor plans for student apartment village

Williamson Road Apartments

As the student apartment village will replace the Hollins-owned student apartments that are located across Williamson Road near the main entrance to the Hollins campus, the Williamson Road apartments closed in late July following the conclusion of the university’s graduate programs’ summer term. Hollins is exploring options for redevelopment of the land where the apartments are located that will support the campus as well as the surrounding community and businesses.