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A record-breaking 848 donors for Hollins Day of Giving!

When you contribute to the Hollins Fund, you help strengthen the overall student experience, expand access to students of talent and promise, sustain the excellence of our faculty, revitalize our beautiful campus, and transform lives.

You’ll also ensure that current and future students—our 21st Century Learners— will be able share in the same transformative Hollins experience that helped you gain the knowledge, skills, experience, networks, and relationships to succeed in your personal and professional life.

With your support, Hollins can continue to build upon our strong liberal arts foundation, and develop innovative programs and enhance our curriculum (described below) in ways that will help our students build resilience, manage change, and graduate with significant advantages in a competitive, global world that is marked by disruptive and rapid change.

April 24, Hollins Day of Giving, is about all of us rallying together—alumnae/i, parents and friends—to reach a common goal with our $200,000 challenge. From Student Scholarships and Faculty Funding to Life Skills and Career Development to Advising 360°, Experience Plus and other core curriculum enhancements—all designed to help our 21stCentury Learners succeed—you can make the difference.

$200,000 CHALLENGE


Your participation on the Day of Giving will help us reach 24% of the 3,500 donors in just one day, and put the Hollins Fund on track to unlock the additional $200,000 by the end of the fiscal year!

Together we can meet the challenge!




Your contribution to the Hollins Fund on the Day of Giving provides the greatest flexibility to strengthen the overall student experience and direct funds to where they are needed most. This year, your participation matters even more – during this 24-hour event not only do you get us closer to our $200,000 Challenge, but you can unlock additional challenges gifts totaling $16,684.

150 donors unlocks $1,842

300 donors unlocks $2,500

450 donors unlocks $4,842

750 donors unlocks $7,500



Class Year or Hollins Affiliation Donors Class Year or Hollins Affiliation Donors
2022 6 1983 5
2021 1 1982 10
2020 2 1981 4
2019 1980 16
2018 2 1979 12
2017 6 1978 11
2016 2 1977 6
2015 6 1976 5
2014 4 1975 7
2013 6 1974 28
2012 9 1973 14
2011 13 1972 8
2010 10 1971 23
2009 17 1970 7
2008 19 1969 15
2007 15 1968 8
2006 19 1967 5
2005 12 1966 10
2004 18 1965 5
2003 15 1964 11
2002 22 1963 2
2001 10 1962 4
2000 11 1961 13
1999 9 1960 1
1998 10 1959 7
1997 31 1958 2
1996 27 1957 1
1995 30 1956 2
1994 14 1955 2
1993 16 1954 2
1992 51 1953
1991 21 1952
1990 5 1951
1989 10 1950
1988 8 1949
1987 15 Parents 33
1986 8 Faculty and Staff 27
1985 13 Graduate Students and Alumni 10
1984 15 Friends 23

Logo for 2019 Day of Giving

Hollins 21st Century Learner

To meet the demands of the marketplace, and to continue to attract a diverse group of talented students from around the world, Hollins is developing innovative programs designed to help our 21st Century Learners succeed—at Hollins and beyond.

Life Skills and Career Development: A fully integrated four-year career development program and senior launch course designed to prepare students for the world of work and life after graduation.

  • The program begins with a first-year advising cohort where students assess the present while imagining the future, and culminates with a senior seminar that helps students integrate their cumulative educational experience to develop an articulated plan for their post-Hollins life and career. These bookends are filled with workshops, boot camps, conferences, as well as networking, mentoring, growth, and many more opportunities.

“Because a career is no longer a single outcome or destination, but a lifelong journey,” – Karen Cardozo, executive director of career development

Advising 360°: Comprehensive advising and personal mentoring program that provides each student with individual guidance starting in the first term.

  • As college-bound students—from diverse backgrounds, facing more challenges than ever before consider an increasing number of educational choices, distinctive programs such as our new Advising 360° program highlight the value of attending Hollins University. The comprehensive advising and personal mentoring program provides each student with individual guidance starting in the first term that helps students think holistically about their Hollins experience, and navigate the many opportunities available to them.

“What is great about Advising 360° is that much of the focus on supporting student success is already baked into our culture. Hollins students for generations can testify that a professor or staff member helped them grow and succeed at just the right time. What Advising 360° does is extend that kind of support to every student, from the time they first arrive on campus. It’s a model that fits Hollins incredibly well.” – Michael Gettings, dean of academic success

Experience Plus: Each student will have guaranteed access to at least two experiential learning opportunities, including time to reflect on lessons and skills learned.

  • With Experience Plus, Hollins ensures that every student has the opportunity to learn through experience by guaranteeing access to at least two hands-on, real world learning experiences, including leadership studies in the Batten Leadership Institute and student leadership positions, internships and on-campus employment, study abroad, community-based learning, and undergraduate research.

“At Hollins, our faculty members have long understood the power of experiential learning and the relationship between curricular and cocurricular programs in a student’s educational journey, Thus, we have a solid foundation on which to build even more creative and engaging learning opportunities for current and future students.” – LeeRay Costa, professor of gender and women’s studies, and the new director of faculty development

The New Liberal Arts: A redesigned, innovative liberal arts general core curriculum.

  • The New Liberal Arts curriculum is a best-in-class student learning experience that will address relevancy in the 21st century with an intentional focus on “connecting the dots” between all of the different learning experiences—on and off campus—that are available to Hollins students. A connected and rigorous liberal arts curriculum that develops and strengthens the mind to think critically and creatively, not only within a discipline but across disciplines. | 800TINKER1 | #hollinsdayofgiving