Frequently Asked Questions for Transfer Students

We are excited you are considering Hollins to complete your bachelor’s degree. At any time, transferring to a four-year university represents an important next step in your education. Due to the global impact of COVID-19, we know you may have extra questions during this time of uncertainty.

Will the class transfer and apply to general education and appropriate degree requirements if grade of P+ is awarded in spring 2020? (indicates student earned a C or better in course.)
Yes. When we receive a transcript with an explanation of the grade scale included, we award credit for courses earning a C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better. The university registrar confirms whether the class satisfies general education or other Hollins degree requirements.

How will a grade of P+ on a spring course impact the student entering a competitive major?
Hollins does not admit students directly into a major. Instead, you’re applying for admission to the undergraduate program as a whole.

How will a grade of P+ on a spring course impact the student meeting a major requirement of a grade of B or higher?
Hollins does not have a B or higher requirement for any majors. The major department will determine whether the transfer course meets major requirements, but a P+ grade does not disqualify the transfer course.

How will a grade of P+ on a spring course be treated if the course is a pre-req for a major-specific course that normally requires a minimum grade to enroll in the major course?
As with other courses for which a student receives a C or higher, students will receive credit for P+ courses, and the academic department of the major will determine whether the course satisfies prerequisites or other major or minor requirements.

How will a grade of P+ (grade of C or better) or P- (grade of D) impact eligibility for the Transfer Grant?
Hollins conducts a holistic review of application materials to render an admission decision. Grade performance will be considered alongside other parts of the application process, including course history, academic trends, essay, and letters of recommendations, to name a few.

When should I request my transcript?
You may request your transcript be sent to us at any time. As a required part of your application materials, we suggest you request the transcript when you are in your final year or semester pre-transfer, even if your current grades will show as ‘in progress.’

How will I register for my fall classes at Hollins?
You will register for classes with the guidance of an academic advisor. Transfer students are offered in-person academic advising meetings in conjunction with a pre-orientation day. Students unable to attend may be offered an e-advising session to assist with course placement.

What if my Hollins orientation is cancelled?
If this were to occur, Hollins will focus on offering you flexibility and continuing to support you in your transition for fall. This may include e-meetings or advising sessions, webinars and Zoom meetings to ensure you feel prepared for your fall arrival.

When will I know if I am accepted at Hollins?
Admission decisions are provided within two weeks of a completed application.

When will I know if I get housing at Hollins?
Housing is guaranteed for all students throughout their time here at Hollins. After making your deposit, you will fill out a housing preference form that will help match you in this process. Housing notifications for the fall are done over the summer and for the spring are done in the fall.

Is it too late to apply for financial aid?
It is not too late to apply for aid. Complete your 2020-21 FAFSA and apply for admission to be considered. Hollins’ FAFSA code is 003715. Admitted transfer students are eligible for at least $24,000 annually in academic merit scholarship.

What if my financial status has changed significantly, can I apply for more aid?  How?
After you complete your FAFSA, reach out to the Financial Aid Office at and request a FAFSA Professional Judgment form. We will assist you with this process.

What if I cannot pay my admission deposit when it is due?
We know many students are dealing with financial uncertainty due to COVID-19. Hollins will be flexible in working with you for your admission deposit, should you be unable to meet stated deadlines. Currently, we have extended the enrollment deadline to June 1 for fall transfer students, and again, will continue to offer flexibility based on your individual situation.

Can I still submit an application to Hollins?
Yes! We are happy to be still accepting applications to Hollins for the fall.

Can I request an unofficial evaluation of my transcript to see how credits will apply to my prospective major?  How?
Given the current situation, our registrar’s office can evaluate from an unofficial transcript for these circumstances. The Transfer Credit Evaluations are unofficial and the official transcript must be received for credit to be awarded before classes start.