Small Object Exchange

Photo of small objects on display


Every year it’s such a treat to see the slide presentation of the attendees’ artwork during the symposium, but it is only a brief introduction to all of the talented people who attend. We introduced the Small Object Exchange in 2018 to further highlight the diversity of work being made in our community. It was greeted with overwhelming support so it has become a permanent part of the Symposium.

To participate, please bring a small clay object (no larger than 6” x 6” x 6”) to turn in when you check in at the registration desk. The piece should represent your work and be something you want to exchange for another artist’s work. Your piece will be numbered and you’ll complete an information card to be displayed with your small object.

On Wednesday evening we will exchange all of our beautiful objects. Each person who participates draws a number and gets the piece that corresponds to that number. In an effort to tie together the Attendee Slide Presentation and Small Object Exchange, please have one of your four images be an image of the small object you plan to exchange.

We look forward to seeing your work!