Attendee Slide Presentation

The Attendee Slide Presentation is an opportunity to come together and show the imaginative and wonderful pieces that we all create, and share a little something about your work. We encourage everyone to participate in this supportive, community event.

The sample format shown below gives an idea of what the Power Point slide might look like. We ask that you provide images (no larger than 1 MB) that will fit this format.

We will send an email with a link to upload your images, including a photo of yourself as well as four images of your work.

You will receive a confirmation email within two-three business days advising that your images have been received.  If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Brittany Wade at

Deadline for image submissions is Friday, May 27, 2022. We look forward to seeing all of the submissions we receive.


Photo for sample slide for clay symposium