Craft Seminars

2021 Craft Seminars

All seminars begin at 11 am EDT

Monday, June 14
The Front Door (and the Back Door and the Door to the Basement):  A Builder’s Guide to Titling Your Work
Thorpe Moeckel

Tuesday, June 15
Significant Detail: Making the Choice
This craft lecture will look at what Janet Burroway calls “significant details,” and how they contribute more than just themselves to the central issues and themes in a story, memoir, or poem. We’ll look at examples to give us an idea how we might choose effective specific and concrete details.
Jim McKean

Wednesday, June 16
“Show, Don’t Tell” and Modes of Narration
In this seminar, we will examine examples of fiction, poetry and nonfiction to analyze how “show, don’t tell” has more nuances and blurred boundaries than presumed!
Dan Mueller

Thursday, June 17
An Insider’s Look at the World of Publishing
Fred Leebron