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Tinker Mountain Writers

Tinker Mountain Writers

Since 2005, Tinker Mountain Writers Workshop has nurtured and empowered over 650 writers through manuscript reviews and generative writing immersion workshops in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Spend time with us and leave with a new manuscript, or with new ideas for your existing work.

Over 20% of our participants have attended Tinker Mountain Writers more than once. Why don’t you join them and see how we can help you create something great?


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Tinker Mountain Writers - Summer Program

Hands on pottery wheel

Women Working with Clay Symposium

Women Working with Clay Symposium is about women who work with clay to create pottery, art vessels and sculpture, and whatever point of view may come with that distinction. The symposium explores the connections of the long history of women in cultures all over the world as vessel makers, artists, and artisans.


Sculpt Your Vision