Tinker Mountain Writing and Visual Arts Programs

If you are looking to hone your skills as a writer or immerse yourself in the creative process of building with clay, we have a variety of non-credit offerings. Small group interactions with your peers and our remarkably talented faculty and presenters contribute to the richness of your experience at Tinker Mountain.

Tinker Mountain Writers’ Workshop

Summer Residential workshop

One of the most dynamic and constructive workshop experiences available, you’ll be led by nationally renowned writing instructors and interact with fellow writers in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Readings, in-class critiques, manuscript reviews, individual conferences, craft seminars, and plenty of one-on-one interaction with instructors contribute to the richness of your writing experience. If you’re committed to your writing, join us in June and see why other writers continue to return again and again.

Become a Better Writer

Women Working with Clay Symposium

This symposium is about women who work with clay to create pottery, art vessels and sculpture, and whatever point of view may come with that distinction. With an emphasis on the creative process from every level, the symposium includes small group discussions, workshops, and demonstrations by a group of diverse and accomplished women artists. Attendees also have the opportunity to share images of their own work to promote a sense of sharing and community.

Sculpt Your Vision