Join an Ensemble

The music department’s ensembles allow students to further their knowledge of and expertise in music. They also provide an entrée into a community of like-minded peers, who are endeavoring to create something of beauty and value in a group setting. Besides, it’s just plain fun to enjoy some friendly social time while making music together. Ensembles are open to students of all majors and include:

Hollins University Concert Choir

A introductory treble-voice chorale of students from across campus that performs music from a wide variety of styles and genres. This ensemble focuses on healthy vocal technique and the development of comprehensive choral musicianship through the performance experience. This ensemble performs regularly throughout the year. Open to students in all majors and departments, with no audition.

Hollins University Chamber choir

This choir is the primary large choral ensemble on campus, singing repertoire from a variety of musical styles and genres. Open to students from all majors and departments, by brief placement audition. The focus will be on continued development of vocal technique and music literacy skills, through regular performance opportunities. Intended for students with previous choral ensemble experience.

Hollins University Talmadge Singers

An elite small ensemble, singing advanced repertoire from a variety of musical styles and genres. Open to students from all majors and departments, by audition. Intended for singers with significant vocal/choral experience, this ensemble will focus primarily on repertoire and performance – performing regularly on campus throughout the year, as well as on and off campus for university functions, run-out concerts, and community outreach events. Auditions are held are the beginning of each semester.

Hollins University World Music Ensemble

The Hollins steel pan group, Pan Divas!, and the African Mallet Ensemble combine to perform an eclectic mix of music from around the world. Open to all students; no audition required.

Hollins Mariachi Ensemble

The Hollins Mariachi Ensemble performs the rich music of Mexico. Students with ability to play guitar, violin, and trumpet, as well as singers are invited to participate. The ensemble gives at least one public performance each semester.

Hollins Mountain Laurels

Hollins welcomes our newest music ensemble, the Hollins Mountain Laurels, specializing in traditional music from the Appalachian region.

Valley Chamber Orchestra

A resident ensemble consisting of Hollins students and Roanoke Valley community members. Students may elect to participate in the orchestra for credit or as an extracurricular activity. The orchestra rehearses once a week in the evening and is a popular ensemble for instrumental studies students. Open to all students by audition.

Roanoke Valley community band

RVCB is a community-based concert band, rehearsing off campus once a week; open to Hollins students for credit.