Senior Thesis


The department offers an integrated curriculum: every course leads up to your senior thesis. We stress learning how to locate and use sources and documents creatively. By the time you’re a senior, you’ll be ready to undertake a 50-page research paper.

The emphasis is on creativity. You pick the topic and the method, so you can use what you’ve learned in English, sociology, and art to help you make your own kind of history.

In the past, our history majors conducted thesis research at places like the University of California at Berkeley, the Baltimore City Archives, the George C. Marshall Library, and the Library of Virginia archives.

Recent topics include:

  • Magic and the Medieval Church
  • Mexican Society during the Second World War
  • The Desegregation of Roanoke
  • American Women in the Vietnam War
  • Women Revolutionaries during the Paris Commune of 1871
  • Rhetoric in Pre-Revolutionary Massachusetts
  • Slave Markets in Richmond, VA
  • LGBT Community-building in the 1950s