B.A. + Teaching License (Four Years)

 Education - earn a teaching license

As adults, we reflect on the teachers who have inspired us to think, to question, to reason, and to create. Good teachers are as varied as the methods they use, but they have common characteristics. Not only are they competent and qualified in their fields, but they are caring individuals as well. They want to make a difference in the lives of others, and they never stop learning themselves. We want to guide you on your path to becoming an exemplary teacher.

Here is what to do first:
Register for EDUC 141: Schooling in American Society, offered fall and spring.

Choose a major.
For a Virginia teaching license, you will need to take education courses in addition to the requirements for your major.

Choose an endorsement.

Education - earn a teaching licenseEndorsements offered:

  • The B.A. + licensure program offers endorsements in the following areas:
    • PK-6: Elementary
    • PK-12: foreign language (French, Latin, Spanish), visual arts
    • 6-12: English, history and social sciences, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics

To find out more about education programs, contact dmartin@hollins.edu, 540-362-7460.