Je ne regrette rien— Sixty Years of Hollins Abroad-Paris

In 2012, Berry Professor of Liberal Arts Jean Fallon set out to collect memories from alumnae who had gone on the Hollins Abroad-Paris program, which launched in 1955. She compiled their responses in the book Je ne regrette rien: Sixty Years of Hollins Abroad-Paris. We’ve provided two ways to download the book. Bonne lecture!

About the Author

Jean FallonJean Fallon, Berry Professor of Liberal Arts 2013-2016; professor of French; B.A., Bridgewater College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia; has been at Hollins since 1990. Her areas of specialization include Renaissance, 17th, and 19th-century literatures, contemporary France diversity issues, the role of the artist, early women writers.

Fallon teaches French literature in translation and a course about American writers and artists in Paris, French creative writing, pop music, film and reality television. She interviewed filmmaker Cédric Klapisch and has published articles on his films and his place in contemporary French cinema. Fallon is a past recipient of the Elisabeth Lineberger Ramberg Chair in Modern Languages and is the author of two books, Voice and Vision in Ronsard’s Les Sonnets pour Hélène (1993) and His Story, Her Story: A Literary Mystery of Renaissance France (2003). She collected anecdotes and memories from former Hollins Abroad-Paris students and edited those into a collective narrative entitled Je ne regrette rien: Sixty Years of Hollins Abroad Paris, an ebook produced at Hollins. Her current project concerns Cézanne, Zola, art, photography, literary realism, and modern art.

Book formats for download:

  • epub (iPad, Nook, 23 MB)
  • PDF (23 MB)