Course Descriptions

* General education perspectives are in all CAPS at the end of each course description.

All courses are taught in French and are open to all students in the program unless otherwise noted.

Courses Offered Both Fall and Spring Terms

Architecture of Paris
Art 360P (4 credits)
A thematic survey of Parisian architecture from the Roman era to the present. Individual monuments and their architectural idiosyncrasies are studied in their historical and sociological contexts, with emphasis on urban development. Guided visits to monuments and sites. AES

France/USA – A Transatlantic Perspective on Cinema
Film/French 220P (4 credits)
An introduction to film criticism, analyzing the relationship between artistic creation and film technique. The common theme will be how the city of Paris is portrayed in French films by directors including Renoir, Carne, Godard, and Truffaut, and in representative Hollywood films. AES, MOD

Accelerated Intermediate French
French 221P (4 credits)
Students will be provided language skills in order to be able to live and to interact with relative ease in daily situations in Paris. Emphasis will be placed on the ability to speak, while continually broadening students’ knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, French and Francophone culture and current events.

French Written Expression
French 303P (4 credits)
Intensive training in French oral expression. Acquisition of vocabulary, intensive study of phonetics, oral practice emphasizing the comprehension of daily language. Must be taken in conjunction with FREN 304P. Prerequisite: four terms of college-level French or the equivalent. LAN

French Oral Expression
French 304P (4 credits)
Intensive training in French oral expression. Acquisition of vocabulary, intensive study of phonetics, oral practice emphasizing the comprehension of daily language. Must be taken in conjunction with FREN 303P. Prerequisite: four terms of college-level French or the equivalent. LAN

Advanced French Written and Oral Expression
French 311P (4 credits)
This course refines the student’s ability to express him/herself in French, both in writing and orally. By the end of the course, the student should have mastered a variety of ways to express time, purpose, condition, consequence, and contradiction and should be able to discriminate without hesitation between the uses of tenses and moods.
Prerequisite: five terms of college-level French or the equivalent and appropriate performance on the placement test.

French Culture and Society
French/International Studies 327P (4 credits)
This class will focus on French culture specificities. Students will study major historical periods and social and political movements that have shaped France and French society. Students will become familiar with major figures of art, politics, and contemporary French culture. The course will be taught in French and English, as needed and appropriate, with information reinforced through visits/field trips to museums, monuments, lectures and to theatre and film performances, as available.

Parisian Theatre Scene
French 330P (4 credits)
This course introduces students to the Parisian stage in its variety and exposes them to six plays of the French repertory. As much as possible, the plays chosen are representative of a major period or trend in the history of French theatre. The course can be taken for credit more than once as the plays studied depend on what is currently in production in Paris and are different each term. Open to students who place into FREN 311P. Also listed as THEA 330P. AES, MOD

France and Africa, Between History and Memory
International Studies 230P (4 credits)
This course focuses on the historical relationship between France and its former colonies. It also puts an emphasis on the current and hot challenges France faces: diversity, multiculturalism, immigration, and minorities, in a cross cultural perspective with the States. Visits to Musée du Quai Branly and Cité de l’Immigration organized.

Parisian Theatre Scene
Theatre 330P (4 credits)
Also listed and described as FREN 330P. AES, MOD

Independent Studies/French University Courses
(2 or 4 credits)
Students with very advanced French skills, appropriate performance on the placement test, and permission of the director, may enroll in an independent study/tutorial in French or in their major field in conjunction with a course offered at the Sorbonne or other Paris university. Offerings vary by term.

Independent Studies/Applied Arts
(2 or 4 credits)
Independent studies in studio art, photography, dance, and voice can be arranged on an individual basis at institutes in Paris for students majoring in those subjects. Must be approved at time of enrollment.

Courses Offered Fall Term Only

Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
Art 320P (4 credits)
This course begins with a review of the evolution of French painting and artistic life during the second half of the 19th century. A study of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movements and their influence on succeeding generations of artists follows. Emphasis is on training of the eye and direct contact with works of art. Guided museum visits. AES, MOD

Introduction to European International Relations 
Economics 210P/314P (4 credits)
This course focuses on current European political and economic debates, reviews the history and ongoing evolution of the European Union, and analyzes the current challenges it faces. Also listed as POLS 240P/313P. Individual assignments will vary accordingly. GLO, MOD

Novelists and Autobiography in the 20th Century
French 353P (4 credits)
This course studies the relationship between life as it is remembered and its reshaping in writing, that is, the interaction between reality and literary creation. Authors are chosen based on their literary impact on 20th-century writing. Open to students who place into FREN 311P. MOD

Introduction to European International Relations
Political Science 240P/313P (4 credits)
Also listed and described as ECON 210P/314P. Students taking this course for political science credit must do all their papers and projects on topics in political science. GLO, MOD

Courses offered Spring Term only

20th-Century French Art
Art 340P (4 credits)
This course undertakes an analysis of the questions addressed by the artists of major French movements during the 20th century. Emphasis is on the Avant-Garde to 1914, Surrealism, various forms of abstraction, New Realism, Art/Attitude, and more recent hybrid genres. Guided or assigned visits to museums and temporary exhibits.  AES, MOD

Advanced French Composition
French 321P (4 credits)
This advanced course enables students to refine their skills in written French in a variety of ways, including in literary critiques, essays, and business French. Prerequisite: six semesters of college-level French or the equivalent, and appropriate performance on the placement test.

Paris in 19th- and 20th-Century French Literature
French 351P (4 credits)
A study of how French novelists and poets see and describe the great social and cultural changes that Paris underwent during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Study focuses on the city as protagonist in the literary works of the period. Accompanied visits to monuments or sites described in the works studied. Open to students who place into FREN 311P. AES, MOD

French 399P (4 credits)
Internships in law firms, art galleries, businesses, and schools can be arranged for full-year students who have developed fluency in French and are in their second term in Paris. A research paper on a topic related to the internship is required. Offered Term 2 for academic year students only.

Contemporary France
Political Science 210P/312P (4 credits)
This course introduces students to the particularities of French society and of the nation’s political, social, and economic forces and institutions. Special emphasis is put on the French political system under the Vth Republic. France’s role in Europe is also analyzed. GLO, MOD

January Term

(4 credits)
The four-week January Term is required of all Hollins University students and optional for all others who participate in Hollins Abroad–Paris for the full calendar or academic year. January Term course options include internships, supervised independent studies, intensive French language courses at the Institut de Touraine, and other learning experiences either in Paris, elsewhere in France. Each student’s plan is arranged in consultation with the director and must have her approval.

Content Courses Taught in English

Students enroll in courses offered by American Business School, Institut Catholique or Mod’Art, or the Institut de Langue et de Culture Francaises in areas that complement their majors/fields of study and/or enrich their abroad experience. Possibilities include courses in fashion, studio arts, dance, theatre, film, creative writing, business/international business, political science, European literature, international relations, and French/European history. Students choose up to two courses taught in English.