Partner Schools Student Comments

Hollins Abroad is pleased to be partnered with many outstanding colleges and universities who send their students to our Paris and London programs. Here are some comments from students at our partner schools:

“I’m so glad I chose the Hollins program because I know it gave me the best experience possible. The program met all of my expectations and I felt it was exactly as it had been described to me. I was very blessed with the information and assistance I received from the Hollins office in the States. They always responded to me in a timely manner and were very helpful with all my questions. I was also very pleased with the assistance from the Paris office. I was very happy with the range of courses that were offered to me and was able to take classes that count towards my major. This program is very friendly to art history majors! I was so happy with my experience and wouldn’t change anything!

Samantha Riggs, Roanoke College, Paris, Fall 2017

“My study abroad with Hollins Abroad-Paris was great, and I had an amazing homestay experience. I was able to have a great deal of independence and privacy while grasping a hands-on view of everyday French life and learning things not taught in the classroom.” 

Alexandria Sims, Arcadia University, Paris, Spring 2017

“I had a great time with Hollins Abroad-Paris. I was able to experience the best of Paris while having the expected independence and being able to practice and improve my French at the same time. The program definition met my expectations. I loved my French host family experience; it could not have been better. I learned so much from them, about French culture but about many other things too, all while speaking exclusively in French.”

Guilherme Vieira Dumit, Rollins College, Paris, Fall 2017