Experience the Hollins Difference for Study Abroad

Photography of Tower Bridge in London during sunset.

Why choose Hollins as your college study abroad program? Students share their comments about why they chose Hollins Abroad-London and Hollins Abroad-Paris for their study abroad experience.

Nour Bahri ’19 [HA-L]
The aspect of studying abroad was one of the major reasons that Hollins University quickly became one of my top choice schools.

Jasmine Carter ’19 [HA-L]
Studying outside of the United States has always been something that I have longed to do. From the time that I went on the college search, I knew that I wanted to attend a college or university that had a great study abroad program.

Porter Clark ’19  [HA-L]
Studying in London doesn’t directly advance my studies in my major, this is true, but I came to Hollins because it would encourage me to experience areas of study outside of my major.

Amanda Davila ’20  [HA-L]
When I was applying to Hollins, the London study abroad opportunity drew me in.

Meredith Garriott ’20  [HA-L]
One of the reasons I chose to come to Hollins is because of the amazing study abroad program, particularly in London.

Sarah Lehmann ’20  [HA-P]
I chose Hollins, in part, because of the Study Abroad program. I love how Hollins encourages its students to think broadly about how we fit into our world, and not just the Hollins bubble.

Madeleine Lohr ’19  [HA-L]
Three years ago, I was a senior in high school trying to decide where to spend the next four years of my life. Hollins stood out to me amidst the barrage of potential colleges for three reasons: the exceptional riding program, the strength of the math department, and finally, the wonderful study-abroad program.

Maureen Lytle ’20  [HA-P]
When I applied to Hollins University, I read all about their Study Abroad program and how accessible they make it to their students. Hollins wants their students to have a studying experience outside the traditional setting. They believe learning can be enriched by reaching outside their comfort zone and living the curriculum they are learning about. I knew instantly I had to apply to Study Abroad Paris my sophomore year.

Lucine Manjikian ’19  [HA-L]
Ever since I decided to attend Hollins University, I have been interested in studying abroad.

Dillon Mathew-Gilmore ’20  [HA-L]
The exceptional study abroad program here is one of the reasons Hollins University became my top choice college.

Devan Mullins ’19  [HA-L]
When I began my search for a college at the end of my junior year of high school, I knew I wanted an institution that had a strong study abroad program. I found just that at Hollins.

Ashlyn Parsons ’19  [HA-L]
I have been planning to study in London since before I came to Hollins; it was one of the reasons I decided to go to Hollins in the first place. I was drawn in by the incredible curriculum, fantastic location, and the affordable nature of the program.

Hayley Philippart ’19  [HA-L]
Ever since I was a prospective student at Hollins, I have been looking forward to studying abroad.

Elise Schloff ’19  [HA-P]
I was between attending Hollins and Mount Holyoke in my senior year of high school and chose Hollins in part because of the abroad program. Going abroad adds a valuable perspective of the world around us. In an increasingly globalized world, this sort of perspective is more important than ever.