Puerto Rico

USC-Puerto Rico

In San Juan, students will not only have the opportunity to interact and converse in academic settings, but also in service learning opportunities. You’ll enroll at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon (USC), the oldest private educational institution in Puerto Rico.

What You’ll Learn

Courses are offered in many of subject areas. Courses are taught in Spanish, but coursework in English is also an option. However, all students must have completed Spanish at the intermediate level and have strong language skills in their host country’s language.

You’ll learn from and converse with native speakers, both in the classroom and in social situations. This university also actively encourages an interdisciplinary learning environment, similar to Hollins’ approach.

Living in San Juan

You’ll live in single sex dormitories with Puerto Rican students at the USC campus. These offer cooking facilities, cafeterias, and 24-hour security.


  • Open for both fall and spring semesters