Advising Information

First-years meet with their advisor before registration. Please be sure to put together a list of courses that interest you.

Your advisor will be either your first-year seminar professor or another professor associated with your seminar. These advisors help you with course selection and any academic planning questions at least through your first year. By the end of your sophomore year, you will declare a major and select a new advisor in that major. Our faculty are friendly and approachable, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any of your academics questions. You review the schedule of classes on the registrar’s page.

Required Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes should I take during my first term?

We encourage full-time students to enroll in four four-credit classes for their first term, plus a sport or physical activity course. If a student earns 16 credits each term for four years, she’ll have the 128 regular term credits she needs to graduate with a B.A. degree. Each student must also complete four Short Terms.

How will my transfer credits count?

The registrar reviews transcripts from other institutions and assigns credit where appropriate. The registrar also determines whether transfer work will meet any general education requirements. The registrar documents this on your Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE), which you and your advisor receive before orientation.

How will my Advanced Placement credits count?

Students who receive a 4 or 5 on an AP test will receive four general credits toward graduation. A 4 or 5 on an AP language test will exempt a student from the language requirement at Hollins. AP scores may also help to place a student in higher-level classes in certain disciplines.

How are dual enrollment credits counted?

High school students who are also taking accredited college or university courses receive Hollins credit if:

Hollins offers comparable courses.

The courses are recorded on an official college transcript.
The student earns at least a C in the courses.
Please be sure to send transcripts to Hollins before you arrive. This is so the registrar can evaluate course credits before you register for fall term classes.

What is Short Term?

January Term offers students a unique experience not normally possible during the semester.

First-time, first-year students remain on campus to enroll in one of our exciting classes. They can also apply to one of the travel/study programs during January Term (destinations vary from year to year).

Besides these options, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and Horizon students can use January Term for an internship or independent study.