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Tinker Mountain Writers' Workshop
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2014 symposium demonstrations

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Meredith Brickell

I will use molds in combination with coiling and pinching techniques to construct large forms? discuss the ways that I use clay as a drawing material? and talk about surface development using terra sigillata, patinas and glazes in an electric kiln.

Giselle Hicks

During the conference I am looking forward to demonstrating a range of things. I will demonstrate how I make various porcelain flowers and assemble them into larger forms. Other demos may include solutions for applying pattern to surface, as well as generating detailed prototypes for molds used for slip-casting.

Suze Lindsay

My demonstration will focus on functional pottery forms made using thrown and hand-built elements, then altered and stacked. I will discuss how to use these techniques to create vertical forms like pitchers, vases, and candlesticks. Surface enhancement will be discussed and slip decoration techniques will be demonstrated.

Linda Sikora

Wheel-generated forms that deal with the subject matter of teapot, jar, box and sometimes vase/bowl have been reoccurring themes in my studio. Service, storage and display, as gestures, have been on my mind. For the WWWC demonstration, I will work with teapots and possibly other covered/closed and open forms connected to these inquiries. Technical and notional aspects of surface and glaze will also be presented.

Gwendolyn Yoppolo

As I begin pinching, coiling, and building kitchen utensils and food service sets, my discussion will focus on how ceramic pieces can push the boundaries of our understandings about self, relationship, and culture. Working from the inside out, I will talk about designing forms that are responsive to the body and that set new parameters for our ways of preparing and sharing food.