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Sample Daily Schedule
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Evening activities: Swimming, crafts, and movies

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Office of Admission

Inspired by Math and Science


For more information, contact Madison Van Duyne at (540) 362-6216 or vanduyneml@hollins.edu.

Delve into your passion for math and science through observation and analysis. Campers will experience advanced scientific experimentation in a laboratory led by members of Hollins' exceptional science faculty. They'll also benefit from the amenities of wonderful science facilities and equipment.

NOTE: Students within a 40-mile radius of Hollins will receive a 50% discount for this program. Discount applies to both day and residential costs.

July 14-20
Rising 6th-9th graders
July 21-27
Rising 10th-12th graders
RESIDENTIAL (girls only)
DAY (coed)



Daniel DerringerDaniel Derringer, Ph.D., Hollins University Chemistry Department

Daniel Derringer holds a B.A. degree in chemistry from Kalamazoo College and a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Purdue University. A veteran of teaching, he believes firmly in the power of hands-on learning and in the value of connecting passions with instruction. In his leisure time, he enjoys cooking, hiking, and tooling around in his 1953 Piper Super Cub.