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Spanish Studies Abroad

Please note: Application through Hollins is open to Hollins University students only.

Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and who have completed the intermediate level of college Spanish. All Spanish Studies Abroad programs begin with an Intensive Language Period which prepares you for the rest of the semester. After the Intensive Period, students begin their regular integrated and/or non-integrated semester courses. You will pre-register for courses accordingly.


Alicante, Spain

For students who wish more integration into a Spanish university, Spanish Studies Abroad also offers a program at the Universidad de Alicante. Located in Valencia on Spain's Costa Blanca, Alicante is a vibrant and growing city. Its modern university is host to over 33,000 students.
Like the program in Seville, the program in Alicante begins with a four-week, intensive Spanish language course. Depending on their Spanish skills, students then enroll either in courses in Spanish language, civilization, literature, art history and cinema designed especially for the university's international students, or with Spanish students in regular university courses in subjects such as art history, business, classical studies, economics, geography, history, literature, and sociology. All courses in both tracks are taught in Spanish. All students in Alicante live and have their meals with Spanish host families.


Barcelona, Spain

Students in Barcelona will find their learning site located off of La Rambla, a significant thoroughfare in the city. Surrounded by the vibrant colors and life of this city, students will study the Spanish language and culture, and may also elect to study topics such as regional history, international business, design, and political science.
The city of Barcelona is home to a number of UNESCO world heritage sites, as well as a lively local culture and a great deal of physical beauty, both natural and man-made. Students interested in discovering more about this region while improving their Spanish skills will find a stimulating environment to call home for a semester. Students will live in homestays to better appreciate local culture and work on their language skills. Additionally, this program is open to students from all over the world, so you will have the opportunity to learn from you classmates and offer them your own unique perspective in return.


Seville, Spain

With its legacy of Spanish and Moorish art and architecture, Seville is one of Spain's most interesting and beautiful cities. The classrooms and administrative offices of Spanish Studies Abroad are in the heart of the city, in two adjacent classical Sevillian mansions with wrought iron balconies, carved wooden doors, and walls lined with hand-painted, antique ceramic tiles.
The broad curriculum is grounded in the cultural richness of Seville, Andalucia, and Spain. At the start of the program, all students enroll in a four-week, intensive Spanish language course. For the remainder of the term, they can choose from among a wide range of courses in Spanish language, literature, civilization, cinema, sociology, anthropology, politics, history, business, and art history. Students whose Spanish skills are sufficiently advanced may substitute one course at the University of Seville for a course at Spanish Studies Abroad during the spring semester. Internships are also available for students with advanced Spanish skills. Students can choose between living with a Spanish host family or in a student residence/boarding house. In either arrangement, all meals are provided.


Córdoba, Argentina

Spanish Studies Abroad offers Hollins students the opportunity to study in Córdoba, Argentina. Córdoba is Argentina's colonial capital, a picturesque city of one million inhabitants on the edge of the Sierra Chica mountains. A center of arts and learning, Córdoba is home to several universities, including the Universidad Blas Pascal, which serves as host to this program.
Courses offered by Spanish Studies Abroad include Spanish language and Argentine history and culture. Qualified students may also take courses in a wide variety of subjects with Argentine students at the university. Cultural excursions to museums and historical sites in Córdoba and guided trips to Buenos Aires and neighboring provinces provide opportunities to experience some of the highlights of the world's eighth largest country.
Students live with the families of local students for the first four weeks of the program and can choose to live with host families or in the university's residence halls for the remainder of the program.


Havana, Cuba

Through our affiliation with Spanish Studies Abroad, Hollins students have the unique opportunity to learn about and experience the blend of African, European, and American cultures that form Cuba. Spanish Studies Abroad was a pioneer in study abroad in Cuba and has considerable expertise in dealing with the special issues involved in travel to and study in Cuba.
Participants can choose from courses including Spanish language, introductions to Cuban society, culture, arts, and current events, Afrocuba, and Cuban Socialism. All courses are taught in Spanish by faculty from the Universidad de la Habana. In addition, students with advanced Spanish skills can also take up to two regular university classes with Cuban students at the university's Facultad de Artes y Letras. Guided excursions and study visits to sites of historic and cultural interest throughout the country are an integral part of the program.
Students live and have meals in small residential hotels. Optional community service activities and visits to Cuban homes provide opportunities to interact with local residents.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

In San Juan, students will not only have the opportunity to interact and converse in academic settings, but also in service learning opportunities. Students will enroll at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon (USC), the oldest private educational institution in Puerto Rico. Courses are offered in a number of subject areas and in addition to courses taught in Spanish, coursework in English is also an option. However, all students must have completed Spanish at the intermediate level and have strong language skills in their host country’s language.
This program allows students to live in single sex dormitories with Puerto Rican students at USC campus, which offer cooking facilities, cafeterias and twenty-four hour security. This immersion based program facilitates significant interaction with native speakers, both formally in the classroom and informally in social situations. This university also actively encourages an interdisciplinary learning environment, a mission that Hollins students will appreciate.