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Patty O'Toole
Dean of Students
Hollins University
Roanoke, VA 24020
(540) 362-6018


Hollins President Nancy Gray, Vice President for Academic Affairs Trish Hammer, and Dean of Students Patty O'Toole enthusiastically accept the Ice Bucket Challenge following the First Step ceremony on Front Quad, September 2, 2014. »


There are places and times so special they live in your mind forever.

Since 1842, women from all over the country and around the world have been coming to Hollins in search of the time of their lives. What they've found is a place that has changed them forever.

Cooperative learning. Shared success. Timeless traditions. The fabric of life at Hollins has many threads, yet the pattern is harmonious. People respect and appreciate each other here — and care, too. It's not an atmosphere that is created consciously. It's as spontaneous as a late-night trip to Walmart in pajamas; or painting messages on the Rock, Hollins' version of a message board; or dying your hair with multicolors on a bet. Everyday life at Hollins can be a bit zany. But we like to think of it as just another expression of our unique creativity.


Tinker Day

October 23, 2014