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Hollins is a campus and community steeped in tradition.

One of Hollins’ strongest traditions is the Honor Code. The Hollins Honor Code promises the members of the community a fair, open, and trusting way of life.


Honor Code

The basis of life at Hollins is honor and trust. The Honor Code serves the entire Hollins community. Every student is bound by the Honor Code pledge, which she signs within her first six weeks on campus. The signing of the pledge, however, only indicates a symbolic support of this commitment. It is a total commitment of all members of the Hollins community which makes it one of honor and trust.


Honor Code Pledge

I pledge to conduct myself in an honorable and trustworthy manner at Hollins University by not lying, stealing, or cheating. I understand that my responsibilities to the honor system are as follows when an honor offense occurs.

I will:

  • report myself to the Honor Court and/or
  • ask another to report herself for an offense and/or
  • report the violation to the Honor Court if the student does not do so.

I, (your name), place myself under the Honor System of Hollins University. I understand that a plea of ignorance will not excuse me in the matter. I also understand that I am subject to prosecution should I fail to report a violation.

Supporting the Hollins Honor Code is the Honor Court. Led by a student chair, it is made up of members of the student body selected by SGA procedures. The assistant dean of students serves as the functional advisor to the Honor Court. The Honor Court also has a faculty/staff advisor for hearing proceedings.

If you have any questions about the Hollins Honor Code or the student conduct system please contact the current chair at honor@hollins.edu.