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Academic overview

To graduate from Hollins with a B.A. degree, students must successfully complete 128 fall and spring term credits and four 4-credit Short Terms. If a student takes 16 credits each fall and spring term for eight terms, she will reach 128 credits. She would also take a 4-credit January Short Term course each year (see Short Term page).

Students must carry at least 14 credits to be considered "full time."

The 128 credits needed to graduate are comprised of courses that are part of the major (32-60 credits depending on the major), Education through Skills and Perspectives (ESP) general education courses (32-52 credits depending on course selection), and elective credits. Most students find that they have room to complete a second major or a minor (or two) within the 128 credits needed to graduate.

Students pursuing a B.S. degree or a B.A./B.F.A. in dance must complete additional credits for graduation. Please refer to the academic catalog for specific course requirements.

Students at Hollins can pursue a single major, a double major, or a major and up to two minors. Students must select a major by the end of the sophomore year.

Students must successfully complete two physical education courses in two different terms prior to graduation.

Transfer students must successfully complete two Physical Education courses prior to graduation.

As transfer students, you will be bringing in a number of credits to Hollins. These credits may count toward a major, general education requirements, or electives. You will receive a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) from the Registrar's Office, which includes the following information:

  1. How many credits were accepted in transfer
  2. How many Short Terms you have completed in transfer
  3. How many regular term and Short Term credits you need to graduate
  4. Your class standing
  5. A table of courses that indicates which Education through Skills and Perspectives general education requirements have been satisfied

Transfer students must be in residence at Hollins for two full years.

Registration is done online at Hollins. When you arrive on campus for orientation, your Student Success Leader (SSL) will give you instructions on how to use the Hollins Information System for registration. Registration for the fall will take place on Tuesday, September 2.