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Rebecca Beach
Dean of Academic Services
(540) 362-6333

Academic Advising

Every attempt will be made to match you with an academic advisor from one of the areas of interest you note on your Advising Questionnaire. Your academic advisor will help you with course selection, but will also serve as a faculty mentor throughout your time at Hollins. You will find the Hollins faculty to be very friendly and approachable. Please do not hesitate to contact your faculty advisor any time you have questions about academics.

It is expected that some of you may not know exactly what you want to study. In the spirit of the liberal arts, we encourage you to take a variety of courses in your first term to help you discover your academic interests. Students do not have to declare a major until the end of the sophomore year. If you are coming to Hollins as a junior, you will not have to declare right away, but you will want to make a decision by the end of your first term.

You will meet with your advisor and will register for spring term classes on Monday, February 2. Please be sure to have put together a list of courses that interest you prior to coming to orientation.


Frequently asked questions about advising and academics:

  1. How many classes should I take during my first term? We encourage full-time students to enroll in four 4-credit classes the first term plus a sport or physical activity course (Horizon students are exempt from PE). If a student takes 16 credits each term for four years, she will have the 128 regular term credits she needs to graduate with a B.A. degree. In addition, each student must complete four Short Terms.
  2. How will my transfer credits count? The Hollins University registrar will evaluate transcripts from other institutions and assign credit when appropriate. She will also determine whether transfer work can satisfy any Education through Skills and Perspectives general education requirements. The registrar will document this on a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) that will be sent to you and your advisor prior to orientation.
  3. How will my Advanced Placement credits count? Students who receive a 4 or 5 on an AP test will receive four general credits toward graduation. A 4 or 5 on an AP language test will exempt a student from the language requirement at Hollins. AP scores may also help to place a student in higher level classes in certain disciplines.
  4. How are dual enrollment credits counted? Students who are concurrently enrolled in high school and an accredited college or university will receive Hollins credit if all of the following conditions are met:
    • Hollins offers comparable courses.
    • The courses are recorded on an official college transcript.
    • The student earns at least a C in the courses. Please be sure to have your transcripts sent to Hollins before you arrive so the registrar can evaluate course credits before you register for fall term classes.
  5. What is Short Term? The Short Term, which takes place during the month of January, is designed to offer students a unique educational experience that would not normally be possible during the longer terms. First-time, first-year students remain on campus and enroll in one of our exciting seminars (please refer to the Schedule of Classes for a list of seminars offered in January 2015). First-year students also have the option of applying to one of the travel study programs during the January term (destinations vary from year to year). Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Horizon students have the option of taking a seminar, doing an internship or an independent study, or participating in one of the travel study programs.

Everything that you need to know about academics at Hollins is included in the Academic Catalog (PDF). Please take some time to become familiar with the catalog before you arrive on campus. In the meantime, please feel free to direct any questions about academic issues to Rebecca Beach, dean of academic services (rbeach@hollins.edu, 540/362-6333).