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Roommate questions

How are roommates matched?

Room and roommate assignments for new students occur in the summer for students entering in the fall semester; assignments for students beginning in the spring semester are made during the January Short Term. Application for desired housing options must be made on the residential data form for new students. Roommates are matched based on similar interests and hobbies indicated on the residential data forms.


How are roommate conflicts handled?

The Housing and Residence Life Office works hard to ensure that each student is housed either with a roommate of her choice or someone who has been closely matched to her needs and preferences. The Roommate Agreement, completed by students at the beginning of the year, is an important tool in this process. Despite the students' best intentions, conflicts between roommates can occur. A student should go to her resident assistant (RA) immediately if a roommate problem is developing. RAs are trained to help students with conflict resolution. The earlier these situations are addressed, the easier they are to resolve and the better for all concerned. The residential learning coordinator (RLC) is the second step of the resolution process and works to find a mutually beneficial solution for both roommates.


What is the procedure for a room change?

If a roommate problem cannot be resolved, students have the option of changing rooms and roommates within established guidelines. The roommates must agree on who will move and speak with their RA before obtaining and completing a room change form. Students will not get a single room as part of this room change process. Instead, the residential learning coordinator will review available spaces and potential roommates with the student in order to help the student find a new living space. It is the student's responsibility to talk with the potential roommates to make sure they are compatible. Both students must agree to be roommates. After determining a new room and roommate, the student who initiated the room change must inform her roommate when she will be moving. This will give the student left in the original room time to talk with other students and find a new roommate. All requests for room changes must start with the residential learning coordinator. Students cannot change rooms without permission.