Vicki McMahon
Assistant to the Dean of Academic Services
(540) 362-6333

Horizon student summer checklist

There are a number of tasks that we would like you to complete over the summer in preparation for your arrival on campus in August.


Complete the Advising Questionnaire.

The Advising Questionnaire will ask you for information about your academic interests and goals. Please submit the form as soon as possible.


Take Online Placement Tests.

Placement tests are available for French, Spanish, German, Latin, Chemistry, Math/Quantitative Reasoning, and Psychology. If you already have college credit in one or more of these subject areas, please contact Rebecca Beach, dean of academic services, at rbeach@hollins.edu, to determine whether or not you should still take the placement tests. Please review the placement test information to find out which exams are required and which are optional. Placement tests must be completed between June 15 and August 1.


Prepare a Tentative Schedule.

During orientation, you will meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic interests and finalize your schedule before registration on Monday, September 2. Between now and then, please take some time to gather ideas for your fall term classes. A typical course load is four 4-credit courses per term. In preparation for your first meeting with your advisor, please use the Schedule of Classes and the Academic Catalog to put together a list of between six and eight courses that interest you.

The Academic Catalog contains course descriptions, prerequisite information, and ESP general education codes. The Schedule of Classes will tell you which courses are open to first-year students (designated by * on the far left of the schedule), how many credits they are worth, when they meet, who the professors are, and whether they fulfill ESP requirements (which are designated by codes on the far right of the schedule of classes — see Education through Skills and Perspectives for more information).