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  • Great Teachers Inspire

    Great Teachers Inspire

    May 21 | Featured | | Comments Off

    Four prominent people in the life of the university are retiring at the end of the school year. How do you sum up decades of service to students and to the well-being of Hollins? By writing...

  • Teaching Hollins to Her Students

    Teaching Hollins to her students

    May 7 | Featured | | Comments Off

    High school teacher Normalee Ash '00 has matched six of her students with Hollins and hopes to send even more in the coming years. It helps that Hollins is a part of who she is...

  • The Civil War in Southwest Virginia

    The Civil War in Southwest Virginia

    May 7 | Featured | | Comments Off

    Ellen Adair was a 17-year-old well into her second year at Hollins Institute when her father unexpectedly showed up one day in January 1863 to take her home. Ellen's dairy entries from the...

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