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  • Karen Osborn, Hollins Writer-in-Residence

    Violence Revisited

    May 21 | Featured | | Comments Off

    In her new novel, Centerville, Writer-in-Residence Karen Osborn '79 draws upon her own childhood trauma to explore how a small town copes with a senseless act...

  • How To

    How To:

    May 21 | Featured | | Comments Off

    Hollins faculty members possess a wide range of expertise on a variety of timely topics. Several share their advice on addressing some of the common challenges we encounter in our daily...

  • Teaching Hollins to Her Students

    Teaching Hollins to her students

    May 7 | Featured | | Comments Off

    High school teacher Normalee Ash '00 has matched six of her students with Hollins and hopes to send even more in the coming years. It helps that Hollins is a part of who she is...

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