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Lee C. Rose
Acquisitions Coordinator
W. Robertson Library
Hollins University
Roanoke, VA 24020
(540) 362-6240

Book Ordering Policies

In order to process your orders quickly, accurately, and efficiently, we ask that faculty members adhere to the following policies when placing orders for library materials:

  1. Ordering deadline for each fiscal year is March 1. Any requests received after that date will be held and ordered the next fiscal year.

  2. All purchases must be made through the library acquisitions department. No reimbursement will be made for items purchased elsewhere.

  3. Please include as much information as possible about the title being ordered, including full author, title, publisher, ISBN, edition, paper vs. cloth, and list price (not the sale price, please).

  4. You do not need to specify a vendor or source for monographs. We have made favorable purchasing arrangements that offer us strong overall discounts and include some physical processing of materials. This allows us to keep our cataloging and processing backlog to a minimum and gets the books on the shelves more quickly.

  5. Please check the combined online catalog before submitting the form. Does Roanoke College own it? Whenever possible, we avoid duplicating resources between our two libraries.

  6. All purchases will be cataloged, added to the library collections and made available to the entire campus. We cannot purchase items for departmental or office use.

  7. On textbooks: the library does not purchase textbooks. Due to the high cost of textbooks and their accelerated publishing schedule, purchasing textbooks for the collection is unsustainable for the library both in terms of funds and of the available space. Note that this exclusion does not apply to non-traditional textbooks used as class texts: we will gladly order novels, ethnographies, case studies or any other materials that will add lasting value to the library’s permanent collection.
    Ordering textbooks for students via inter-library loan becomes an equally unsustainable use of staff time. We encourage faculty to consider placing a personal copy on reserve; your publisher may be able to supply you with a review copy of your textbook. Other options include using course packs, or open access textbooks.

  8. To request the purchase of a new journal title, please contact your division librarian.

Tips for Faculty

Here are some guidelines to help you as you make selections for the library collection:

  1. Order early! The sooner you place your orders with us, the earlier we can order, receive and pay for them, and then determine what your total discount will be. Departments that order early in the year usually find that they have additional dollars (generated from discounts) to spend in the spring semester.

  2. Please double-check our holdings in the online catalog. If you need a different edition from the one we already own, state that clearly on your order. If Roanoke College already owns the title and you feel Hollins needs a copy on-site, please indicate that as well.

  3. When you are ordering, please consider the audience level of the book you are buying. Will it be used for student assignments and papers? If the item is something you need for research but not for teaching, consider letting us get it through Interlibrary Loan. Help us use our resources wisely.

  4. If you have questions about collection development, contact Luke Vilelle or one of the division librarians.

This page was last updated: 12/11/2015.