The Library Hike FAQ 2017

The Library Hike FAQ

  • When is The Library Hike to Carvins Cove?
    • Books will be along the trail and hiking packs will be available for checkout from April 10 – 24.
  • How long is the trail?
    • It’s approximately 4 miles round trip. The guided hike, Hiking and Writing, will be shorter and last approximately 2 hours.
  • Is the trail difficult?
    • The trail does gain some elevation and has sections with loose rocks. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes and bring water with you.
  • When is Hiking and Writing with Jon Guy Owens and Thorpe Moeckel happening?
    • The guided hike will happen on Wednesday, April 29th at 4:30 pm. We meet at the back quad on the bricks near the gym. Please wear close-toed shoes, and bring water, paper or a journal, and a writing utensil. A small backpack will be helpful to carry your supplies.
  • Where are the books?
    • The books are divided into 4 groups and kept in dry-packs. The first stop is approximately 0.5 miles into the hike and each stop is approximately 0.5 miles apart.
  • What do we do with the books?
    • Feel free to browse the books in the pack and take a book out to read a portion of it. Please return books to the pack before you leave that stop.
  • What happens to the books when the hike is over?
    • All of the books will be given away when the hike is over. Want to get one of the books? Sign up for the drawing at the circulation desk. Winners will receive a random book from the hike (meaning you cannot specify which book you would like to win).
  • Does the event have a hashtag?
    • Yes! Please use #LibraryHike.
  • Who should I contact if I have questions?