Staff/Fac/Alum Book Club Reading Heller’s “Dog Stars” June 4

Join the library’s book club for staff, faculty and alums on June 4 for a discussion of Peter Heller’s best-selling fiction debut, “The Dog Stars.” We will meet at noon in the Hollins Room. Drinks and dessert will be provided by the library. Bring a brown bag lunch, bring a friend, and join us! RSVP to Maryke Barber, 540-362-6328 or

“In the near future, a flu pandemic has decimated civilization, leaving only scattered pockets of survivors to fend for themselves. Hig is one of the healthy ones. For the past nine years, he has coexisted with a loner named Bangley at an abandoned airport in eastern Colorado. Trying not to think of his former life, Hig finds sanity in fishing, staring at the constellations, and flying his plane. With his dog, Jasper, Hig flies the perimeter of their safety zone in his 1956 Cessna. Bangley has a well-stocked arsenal, and between them, they keep a watchful eye for unfriendly invaders. On one of his forays, through broken static, Hig hears another pilot over the radio, an incident that haunts him until he goes in search of this other human being. Packing enough supplies to get him there and back, he takes off for western Colorado in search of the voice. During his six-week journey, he discovers more than he bargained for. VERDICT After an award-winning career as an adventure writer and NPR contributor, Heller has written a stunning debut novel. In spare, poetic prose, he portrays a soaring spirit of hope that triumphs over heartbreak, trauma, and insurmountable struggles. A timely must-read.” – Library Journal