Snapshot Virginia is April 18!

On April 18, tell us what the library means to you!

Fact: on just one day last year, 243,166 books, movies and other items were checked out to library users in Virginia; 1,638 new borrowers received library cards; and 21,529 reference questions were answered. These and other statistics are available from, the website of the Snapshot Virginia Project. The website also links to hundreds of photographs and comments about libraries from all around the state.

At a time when libraries are busier than ever they are also threatened by budget cuts, and projects such as Snapshot Virginia are crucial in bringing the facts about how libraries are used and valued by their communities to the attention of legislators and other decision-makers. On April 18, our library will be joining thousands of libraries – public libraries, school libraries and academic libraries like ours – to participate in this state-wide program for library advocacy. We will collect statistics, photographs and stories. Taken together, these become a lively picture showing how vital libraries are: vital as in important to our communities, and also lively!
When you stop by the library on April 18, take a moment to tell our staff why you use the library, and what it means to you. Your comments will count: they will be added to the project – and thank you for helping us create a Snapshot of Virginia‟s libraries in 2012!