Late Hours for Exams start Dec. 9

DEC. 9 –13: UNTIL 2:00 AM
DEC. 15 – 17: UNTIL 2:00 AM

Night owls, don’t despair! The library will be open until 2 a.m. starting on December 9, through December 17. On Reading Day we will be open 24 hours. Come to work, stay for the munchies: free coffee and tasty snacks will be available in the evening hours, as will a table of games, bubbles and other stress-busters.

Don’t forget that on Reading Day, the third floor of the library becomes a quiet zone for those wishing to study in peace; groups are encouraged to use a study room or other space on the second and first floors.

Need some help? Our reference librarians are standing by to help you solve that knotty problem. You’ll find us at the desk, by email:, by IM: askwyndham or by phone: 540-362-7465. Good luck with your exams!!!
The Library would like to thank Student Services for sponsoring the exam snacks 🙂