Large Screens, Blu-Ray in the Viewing Room

If you have not used the film viewing room lately, you’ve missed a major upgrade: it’s gone high-def and wide-screen! The viewing room (on the library’s ground floor) was outfitted this summer with Blu-Ray players at every station, two large 32″ screens for groups, and two 26″ screens for individual viewing. In addition to the large screens, soon there will also be hubs for up to four headsets at the group stations, so you can bring your peeps to watch the movie with you, in complete-surround-sound comfort.

Along with the newest Blu-Ray/DVD technology, two stations also feature VHS players and one has a laserdisc player.

The viewing room upgrades were funded in large part by the Klaus Phillips Equipment Fund. The fund was established with gifts made in memory of Klaus Phillips, a professor of film at Hollins from 1987 until his death in 2011. A plaque will be installed in the room recognizing the contributions of Phillips and the memorial fund.

To learn more about the viewing room or other media equipment services at Hollins, contact Media Services Manager Gabe SimpkinsĀ  at 540-362-6235 or .