Featuring Roanoke Public Libraries

If you’ve ever wondered what public libraries in Roanoke have to offer, now’s your chance to find out.  While the Wyndham Robertson Library and the Roanoke College Library supply academic materials, the public libraries have several features that can be very beneficial to students.

The Hollins Branch is conveniently located on Peter’s Creek Road, only five minutes away from campus.  They have audio books, an extensive children’s literature section and a well stocked fantasy and young adult section.  It is also possible to download audiobooks and eBooks to your computer and phone.  You are allowed to download 3 at a time and may keep them for
7-14 days. This branch also has a wide selection of films, including most new releases.  There is also an app available for mobile phones that allows you to use library services directly from your phone.  Visit http://va.boopsie.com to download this app.  Free
computer and internet use is also available and printing only costs 10 cents a page.

Check out the website for the  Hollins Branch of RPL:http://tinyurl.com/cocsjuw