Checkout Our New Film Database, FIAF

FIAF is the International Federation of Film Archives’  index to film and television journals and magazines.  This database contains information for more than 350,000 articles in 370 publications, and has the full-text for 50 titles. Of the full text titles, several important publications on film start at early or first issues. FIAF also contains more popular titles like Variety.

FIAF extends film journal coverage beyond holdings in our other databases, for example:

  • Film Comment : EBSCO full text starts in 2002, FIAF full text in 1971.
  • Framework : JSTOR full text starts in 2002, FIAF full text in 1975.
  • Sight and Sound: EBSCO full text starts in 2000, FIAF full text in 1932.

In addition to journal articles FIAF also identifies silent films held in archives, and documentary collections of research material on film and television, from film archives and libraries around the world.

FIAF can be accessed from the library’s Articles & Databases page:  For questions about this database, contact Maryke Barber at 540-362-6592 or