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Instructions for using E-Books

E-Books, formerly in Netlibrary, are now accessed via the Ebscohost database.

Access E-Books

From on-campus computers: as before, click on the link in our online catalog.

From off-campus computers:sign into EBSCOhost as you sign into any database, using your Hollins ID information.

To read online: Click on “eBook Full Text” in the left menu.

NOTE: your Netlibrary account is no longer valid.

Downloading E-Books: iPad, iPhone

1. Create an Adobe Online ID.

2. Download the Bluefire Reader app to your iPad/iPhone.

3. Open the Bluefire Reader app on your iPad/iPhone and authorize it by entering the Adobe Online ID you created in step 1 (you should be prompted to authorize automatically once you open the Bluefire app).

4. Create an EBSCOhost account.

5. From your iPad/iPhone, find an eBook in our library catalog that you want to download. You will click on the "View this eBook (Off-Campus)" link (even if you are on campus) and enter your First and Last Name and the last 5 digits of the long barcode number on your Hollins ID.

6. Click "Sign In" and sign in with the EBSCOhost username and password you created in step 4.

7. Click on the "Download This eBook (Offline)" link and then click on "Checkout & Download" button.

8. A new screen will pop up with the Bluefire Reader logo. Click on the 'Open in "Bluefire" button'. This will automatically begin downloading the eBook into the Bluefire Reader app. This may take a few minutes.

Downloading E-Books: Nook

1. Download Adobe Digital Editions, and create an Adobe Online ID when prompted.

2. After accessing EBSCO e-books, click on "Sign In" (upper right corner). On the Sign In page, click on Create New Account. This will create your personal EBSCO account that you will use to download/check out e-books.

3. When looking at an e-book in EBSCO, click on the "Download This eBook (Offline)" link and then click on "Checkout & Download" button. (You will be asked how many days, 1-7, you want to check out the book for).

4. You should then be prompted to save the book to Adobe Digital Editions.

5. Connect your Nook to the computer through its USB cable. You should see the Nook appear in Adobe Digital Editions (on the left side, in the listing of bookshelves, underneath all items/borrowed/purchased/recently read).

6. With your mouse, drag the book to the Nook. It will be copied onto your Nook immediately. You will have access to the book on your Nook for the number of days you determined in step 3.


EBSCO App for Android

EBSCO E-Books are now also available via devices powered by Android, using the EBSCOhost Android app. To download the EBSCOhost app, access EBSCOhost as you typically would via the Articles & Databases page. Click the link at the bottom of any EBSCOhost page to email yourself the download instructions, access key and a link to the app store.

Checking E-Books Out

 Once you have used your my EBSCOhost account to download an E-Book to your computer or e-reader, it is checked out to you. The check-out period lasts seven days. After seven days, the book will disappear from your device to once again become available to other borrowers.

Compatible Devices

EBSCO E-Books can be downloaded to the iPad, iPhone, Barnes & Noble Nook, all four Sony Digital Readers (PRS-300, 505, 600, 700 and 900), as well as the COOL-ER.

Software Needed

Portable devices, including laptops, must have the Adobe Digital Editions software. Finally, iPads, iPhones and iPods also need the Bluefire app.

Need Help?

Contact the reference Desk at at 540-362-7465 or askref@hollins.edu.