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Lauren Miller
Acting Director, International Programs
Hollins University
Roanoke, VA 24020
(540) 362-6693 (fax)

"My experience in London was fabulous. It was the opportunity of a lifetime."

Maureen Hennessey
University of Arizona


"My Hollins Abroad-Paris experience was excellent. After talking with friends studying on other programs, I realized Hollins Abroad was a head above the rest."

Katie Hall
University of Virginia


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Hollins Abroad for visitors

London and Paris: Exceed your expectations

You don't have to be a Hollins student to study with Hollins Abroad. Our program is open to all students from any college or university across the country and internationally. Please note that while Hollins is a women's college, outside candidates of any gender identity may apply to our abroad program.

Because we've been helping students study abroad for more than 60 years, we've figured out solutions to most of the problems students encounter. That's why the comprehensive fee covers just about everything you'll need while you're living in London or Paris.

So if you've dreamed of studying in either of these world-class cities, but were worried about the seemingly endless details — visa requirements, where to live, what to study, how to get around in the city, how to travel outside the city — Hollins Abroad has all the answers.

Hollins Abroad


Application process

To apply for our Study Abroad programs, Hollins utilizes StudioAbroad as an application service provider. When you click "Apply Online" you will be directed to that secondary site. You will then be able to see the most up-to-date cost information, due dates, and other important information. Once you are on the StudioAbroad site, the first part of your application will involve giving us a little bit of information about yourself so we may better serve you. Once your profile is complete, you will then complete the application for the program of your choice. If at any point in your application process you have a question or concern, or find you’re having issues with the application site, please contact us at abroad@hollins.edu and we will be happy to answer questions and work with you to troubleshoot any technical problems.


Honest pricing and full-service approach

Our comprehensive fee is entirely inclusive, so as you are considering your options and finances, you can feel confident in your selection of Hollins Abroad because there will be no extra unexpected charges. The full details of what is included in our comprehensive fee is detailed on our Studio Abroad site for the program you select.

Your comprehensive fee will cover a few short excursions, International Student Identity Card, international health insurance, your homestay or residence, a portion of your meals, and the cost of attendance. The International Programs office staff are also available to offer guidance and support as you prepare for your trip, including the immigration process.


Internships, too!

We are currently able to offer internships in London through CAPA International Education. This organization evaluates potential internship candidates, and is able to offer exceptional internship placements that fit you and your field of study. Internships are available during the semester, and during our seven-week London Summer Internship Program for those whose schedules can't accommodate a semester or year away.


Hollins Abroad


Where visiting students have come from

Visiting students from the following colleges and universities have participated in Hollins Abroad: Agnes Scott College, American University, Arcadia University, Catholic University., College of Charleston, Davidson College, Duke University, Hampden-Sydney College, Kenyon College, Lehigh University, McGill University, Miami University (Ohio), Montana State University, Notre Dame University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Philadelphia University, Rice University, Rollins College, Salem College, Sarah Lawrence College, Sweet Briar College, Trinity University (Texas), University of Arizona, University of Arkansas, University of Iowa, University of Maryland, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of the South, University of Virginia, Virginia Military Institute, Wake Forest University, Washington and Lee, and College of William and Mary.