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Our First Year:
May 2007 - 2008

Our Second Year:
June 2008 - May 2009

Our Third Year:
June 2009 - May 2010

Our Fourth Year:
June 2010 - May 2011

Our Current Year:
June 2011 -

Playwriting news from the Playwright’s Lab:

Our Third Year: June 2009 - May 2010
Vol. 03, No. 01 (PDF)
(June, 2009)
  • Lunch Box Reading Series Provides Experiential Learning Opportunities
  • Student Spotlight: Brandon DuMonde
  • Rosalee Was Here by Maura Campbell at Studio Roanoke
  • Guest Profile: Cheryl Snodgrass
  • From the Director: Our Biggest Summer Yet
Vol. 03, No. 02 (PDF)
(July, 2009)
  • Guest Profile: Stevie Jay
  • Student Spotlight: Steven V. Rice
  • Guest Profile: Carl Hancock Rux
  • First Annual Festival of Student Readings held at Studio Roanoke
  • Rebecca Rugg and Kate Bredeson talk Dramaturgy
  • From the Director: Summer Recap
Vol. 03, No. 03 (PDF)
(August, 2009)
  • Shade of the Trees by Kenley Smith
  • Guest Profile: Pat Wilhelms
  • Guest Profile: Bob Moss
  • Thirty Minutes or Less, by Jonathan G. Galvez
  • Staff Profile: Maryke Barber, Arts Librarian and Dramaturg
  • From the Director: Shorter Forms...is the Two Act Dead?
Vol. 03, No. 04 (PDF)
(September, 2009)
  • Elvis Blossom by Sunny daSilva
  • Student Spotlight: Robert Plowman
  • Guest Profile: Jeffrey Sweet
  • Sasparilla, by Robert Plowman at Studio Roanoke
  • Story Club by Nicole B. Adkins published
  • From the Director: Bad Choices Make Good Stories
Vol. 03, No. 05 (PDF)
(October, 2009)
  • Darlene Fedele designs puppets for Donnie and the Monsters by Robert Gibbs
  • Student Spotlight: Darlene Fedele
  • Guest Profile: Jimmy Ray Ward
  • Royal Shiree is Miss Missy, Storyteller
  • Soul of the Studio and the 40+40 Festival
  • From the Director: Write It Down and Put It In A Contract
Vol. 03, No. 06 (PDF)
(November, 2009)
  • Nu Naybahood II, Here We Go Agin features Royal Shiree
  • Student Spotlight: Royal Shiree
  • Guest Profile: Craig Pospisil
  • Guest Profile: Larry Pontius
  • Rosalee Was Here by Maura Campbell in Vermont
  • Treading Water by Timothy Cochran at Studio Roanoke
  • From the Director: Writing For Collaboration
Vol. 03, No. 07 (PDF)
(December, 2009)
  • Crossing the Threshold by Maura Campbell performed in Vermont
  • Student Spotlight: James Lewis
  • Yes Svetlana, There is a Grandfather Frost by Jeff Goode at Studio Roanoke
  • The UnXmas Story by Jeff Goode is directed by Kenley Smith at Studio Roanoke
  • Area Highlight: MyScoper.com is one BIG Regional Calendar
  • From the Director: Pressing the Hot Button Issues
Vol. 03, No. 08 (PDF)
(January, 2010)
  • House of Atreus by Sean Engard
  • Student Spotlight: Sean Engard
  • Roanoke Regional Writer's Conference Held at Hollins University
  • Kenley Smith to teach playwriting at Randolph College
  • Rosalee Was Here by Maura Campbell in Vermont
  • From the Director: Why Buying Advance Tickets is Important
Vol. 03, No. 09 (PDF)
(February, 2010)
  • Heaven in Hell by Royal Shire
  • Student Spotlight: Chad Runyon
  • Ashville, by Lucy Thurber Premieres at Studio Roanoke
  • Exit Strategy by Kris Knutsen at Studio Roanoke
  • From the Director: Looking For People You Want Work With
Vol. 03, No. 10 (PDF)
(March, 2010)
  • Jayne Benjulian Named Head of New Play Development at Magic Theatre
  • Student Spotlight: Jonathan Galvez
  • Dear Abe by Adam Hahn at Studio Roanoke
  • The Prom by Adam Hahn in Lunchbox Reading Series
  • Guest Profile: Joe Banno
  • From the Director: What You've Taken, You Can Teach
Vol. 03, No. 11 (PDF)
(April, 2010)
  • Student Spotlight: David Schwingle
  • Best of No Shame Marks One Full Year of Programming at Studio Roanoke
  • Ich Libe Dich by Samantha Macher in Lunchbox Reading Series
  • Maura Campbell's Wild Geese produced in Vermont and Flower Duet read in New York
  • From the Director: Aspiration or Ambition?
Vol. 03, No. 12 (PDF)
(May, 2010)
  • 2010 Guest Speaker Series
  • Course Listings for Summer 2010
  • Neeley Gossett Breadcrumb Sins at Coastal Empire New Plays Festival
  • Under a Banner of Shadow, by Todd Ristau at Studio Roanoke
  • From the Director: Leaving Studio Roanoke