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Make your gift to the Hollins Fund today

  • Give online
  • Call 800-Tinker1 (800-846-5371)
  • Mail a check made out to Hollins University to P.O. Box 9629, Roanoke, VA 24020
  • Hollins' fiscal year ends June 30


Reunion Class Giving

Reunion giving

Show your Green & Gold spirit and help your class win an award!



Alumnae Class Giving

Giving to Hollins is important every year, not just during a reunion year.



Senior Legacy Program

Senior Legacy Program

As you prepare to graduate, learn the importance of giving back to Hollins through the Senior Legacy Program.





Every year, enthusiastic students call alumnae, parents, and friends to tell them why it is so important to make an annual gift to the Hollins Fund, which helps support every aspect of the Hollins experience.

We deeply appreciate our alumnae, parents, and friends who support the Hollins Fund so generously. The next time you get a phone call from a friendly voice at Hollins, it might be a Phonathon student!


10 Days to $100K: Hollins Rocks!

You did it! Thank you for helping Hollins make history by meeting the #HollinsRocks #10Daysto100K challenge! The final totals are...

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Hollins University

The Hollins Fund

What is the Hollins Fund?

The Hollins Fund supports every part of the Hollins experience. Yearly gifts to Hollins help close the gap between what Hollins charges students in tuition and what their education actually costs. Approximately 10 percent of the Hollins operating budget is funded annually by gifts to the Hollins Fund. Maintaining this support is essential to keep Hollins thriving.

What does my gift support?

Historically, the Hollins Fund has supported important campus needs; contributed significantly to financial aid, which helps students and families afford the costs of achieving one of the finest educations anywhere, and has helped to purchase books for the library, acquire new computers and cutting-edge technologies, and paid for improvements that make our campus facilities more accessible and appealing. The end result is a better learning experience for students.

Why is the Hollins Fund important?
  • Tuition does not cover the full cost of educating a Hollins student.
  • The unrestricted dollars are needed to keep Hollins' high standard of offering a quality education for women.
The 1842 Society and Miss Matty's Circle

Leading the way for Hollins.

Honoring the year Hollins was founded, the 1842 Society provides special recognition to alumnae/i, parents, and friends who annually support Hollins at a level of $1,842 or higher. Young alumnae who support Hollins at leadership levels are members of Miss Matty's Circle, and enjoy full membership in 1842 Society. As an 1842 Society donor, you will be invited to special events with the president and trustees and listed in a prominent location in our Annual Report on Giving.

Reunion Giving: Show your Green and Gold

During a reunion year, alumnae commemorate their devotion to Hollins by giving back —  often with an increased gift amount. Reunion is also a time when classes focus their fund raising efforts to increase participation. Increased giving and participation will help your class win a Class Award!


How you can help your class WIN!

  • Increase your gift to the Hollins Fund
  • Attend Reunion
  • Encourage your classmates to give to the Hollins Fund and attend reunion.
  • If you're interested in volunteering to help with your class reunion gift effort, please contact the Hollins Fund office at 800-846-5371 (800-Tinker1).


Tinker Mountain Award

The Tinker Mountain Award

Given to the class that raises the largest total gift for the Hollins Fund.

Catherine Orgill West '51 Award

The Catherine Orgill West '51 Award

Honors the class with the highest participation in giving to the Hollins Fund.

Hollins Rock Award

The Hollins Rock Award

Awarded to the class among the ten most recent class years with the highest Hollins Fund participation.


Matching Gifts: Free Money for Hollins

Matching gifts enable you to multiply your support of Hollins. If your company, your spouse's company, a company from which you are retired, or a corporate board you are a member of has a matching gift program, getting your gift matched is easy. All you need to do is contact the company's personnel office to obtain the forms, fill them out, and mail them to Hollins. Some companies have matching gift forms online; ask the company's personnel office for more information.