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The Hollins Campaign for Women Who Are Going Places

Endowment Gifts

We will be happy to help you plan your gift to Hollins. Please contact the external relations office for more information.


Scholarships and Fellowships

  1. A gift of $100,000 will endow a named scholarship or graduate fellowship, providing approximately $5,000 per year to a deserving student or students.
  2. A leadership gift of $500,000 will endow a competitive full-tuition scholarship.
  3. Options for establishing an endowed scholarship include designating it as unrestricted, need-based, merit-based, or for a specific academic program.


Batten Challenge for Scholarships

Hollins has accepted a challenge from philanthropist and alumna Jane Parke Batten '58 of Norfolk to raise $5 million by December 2013 in order to receive a matching grant of the same amount. Successfully meeting the challenge will enhance the funding of scholarships for students who wish to attend Hollins and participate in the university's Batten Leadership Institute; scholarships for current Hollins students who want to earn a Certificate in Leadership Studies; and scholarships for other deserving students.




Endowment and Financial Strength

"Hollins has faced the country's economic challenges from a position of strength. In addition to preserving our endowment, we have operated with balanced budgets for the past five years and eliminated our debt."

- President Gray in 2009, on announcement that Hollins' endowment ranked among the nation's strongest in weathering the recession.


Financial strengthWithout a doubt, Hollins is in better financial condition now than it was eight years ago at the start of the Campaign for Women Who Are Going Places.


  • The endowment then was valued at $85 million; now it's $146 million (as of the end of 2010).
  • Debt has been eliminated.
  • The trustees reached a goal of reducing the annual endowment draw to a flat 5 percent of market value, based on a five-year rolling average.

Increasing the endowment was by far the most important priority in the campaign, comprising 62 percent of the campaign goal. The $60.6 million raised against the $78 million needed is substantial and will make significant contributions to Hollins through the years; however it also signals unfinished business, and so increasing the endowment will continue to be a priority.


Nearly $28 million in irrevocable deferred gifts and testamentary pledges help build a secure future for Hollins.



Campaign donor support to ensure financial strength:
Restricted endowment $50 million
Unrestricted endowment $10 million
Debt reduction $15 million
Irrevocable deferred gifts $2 million
Testamentary pledges $26 million