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The Symbols

  = The Green and the Gold Society

Y   = Marian Wolff Young Society

* = matching gift

d = deceased



Giving Societies

Leadership donors to any designation at Hollins are recognized in the following giving societies:

The 1842 Society

Honoring the year Hollins was founded, The 1842 Society provides special recognition to alumnae/i, parents, and friends who give $1,842 or more during the year to any designation at Hollins. All members of The 1842 Society and Miss Matty’s Circle are invited to a special cocktail reception celebrating their dedication to Hollins at the President’s house the Friday evening of Reunion, and to an annual weekend celebration exclusively for these leadership level donors.

President's Society
$50,000 +

Founder's Society
$25,000 - $49,999

Quadrangle Society
$10,000 - $24,999

Main Society
$5,000 - $9,999

Carvin Society
$2,500 - $4,999

Botetourt Society
$1,842 - $2,499


Miss Matty's Circle

Miss Matty's Circle honors Matty Cocke, daughter of Hollins' founder, president of Hollins from 1901 to 1933, and the first woman to head a college in Virginia. "Miss Matty" led Hollins through a transitional period in academics as, for the first time, the school offered a four-year bachelor of arts program. Miss Matty's Circle recognizes young alumnae who are leadership donors; these donors enjoy full membership in the 1842 Society.

10-14 years since graduation
$1,000 - $1,841

5-9 years since graduation
$500 - $1,841

1-4 years since graduation
$250 - $1,841


The Green and Gold Society

The Green and Gold Society recognizes the important role played by those alumnae/i and friends who consistently support Hollins. Donors to any designation at Hollins for five or more consecutive years are honored with a star ( ) next to their names in the following lists in the Annual Report on Giving: the Giving by Class Year lists, Graduate Alumnae/i, and Family and Friends lists. Membership is also extended to recent alumnae/i who have given every year since graduation.


Marian Wolff Young Society

Named in honor of Marian Wolff Young ’29, who made a gift to Hollins every year from her graduation until her death in 2008 – nearly 80 years! The Marian Wolff Young Society recognizes lifetime giving to Hollins. Originally open only to the class of 1999 and younger, which is when the society was created, starting in the 2012-13 fiscal year the Marian Wolff Young society is open to all class years. Donors who give every year since graduation are recognized with a Y next to the name in the Annual Report on Giving and receive a ribbon to wear at Reunion denoting their membership in this society.


Levavi Oculos Society

The university motto, Levavi Oculos (from the 121st Psalm: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills"), emphasizes leadership and service in accord with the Hollins value and traditions. This lifetime giving society honors Hollins' most generous donors whose cumulative gifts surpass $1 million. Levavi Oculos member names are engraved on a marble frieze located along the walkway between East and Pleasants on campus.


The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society honors those alumnae/i, parents, and friends who have generously made a bequest provision or planned gift commitment for Hollins in their estate plans.





Important Information on Charitable Gifts

To make a gift count during the Hollins 2013-2014 fiscal year, gifts must have a postmark no later than June 30, 2014. Hollins' fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.





We have tried to report every gift correctly; however, if we have made a mistake, please accept our apologies and bring it to our attention by contacting Laura Tuggle Anderson '98, director of advancement services, at ltanderson@hollins.edu or call our toll-free number, (800) 846-5371.

Annual Report on Giving 2012 - 2013

Friends and Family

                                    Friends and Family

Hollins is grateful to our friends and family - parents, faculty, staff, spouses of alumnae, friends, honorary alumnae/i, and estates - who have made gifts to the university.

Gifts received July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013


The 1842 Society
Anonymous (3)
Nancy Howell Agee  
Charles B. Arrington Jr.  
Blanche and Zack Bacon  
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cocke Bagbey  
W. D. Bain Jr.  
Edward L. Baker 
John Baker II  
Thompson S. Baker II 
Thomas A. Barron  
Stephen J. Brown 
Grant Campbell 
Gene Clapsaddle 
Mrs. Charles Crockett  
Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Dettmer  
Brook E. Dickson '95 and Kurt D. Navratil  
Kerry Johnson Edmonds '88 and Antonio L. Edmonds  
Charley Ellis  
Dr. and Mrs. Keith O. Ellis  *
Joseph C. Farrell d
Jerry FitzGerald  
W. Heywood Fralin  
David R. and Susan S. Goode  *
F. Harriet Gray  
Nancy Oliver Gray and David Maxson  
Virginia Guilfoile 
Cathy Hankla '80, MA '82  
Sunil Hirani 
Channing Howe  
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Howell II  
Mrs. James F. Hurley III 
Barbara Ianfolla and Andrew Reeve 
William R. Johnston  
Thomas S. Kenan III  
Margaret M. Kerfoot and Douglas B. McDonald 
David and Karen Kiefer  
Mr. and Mrs. David Klein  
David L. Long  *
Spencer Marsh III  
Dr. and Mrs. Dale Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Marx  
Linda W. Mays  
William D. McCorkle  *
James S. McDonnell III  
Harold M. McLeod III  
Patricia Michael 
Helve K. Pfeil *
Bittle W. Porterfield III  
Susan and John Poulton  
Theodore W. Price  
John Redpath Jr.  
Arthur and Barbara Reeve  
James M. Reeve 
John Findley Reno  
Alex Robertson 
Spencer and Sarah Robertson 
Walter and Sally Rugaber  
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Rushton  
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sayre *
Donald S. Shaffer 
Robert Sloan III 
Barrie E. Stevens 
Lee L. Tennison 
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Thamm  
L. Newton Thomas Jr.  
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Townsend 
Will Francis Trinkle  
W. Peter Trower 
Andrew D. Truslow  
Gilford B. Walker  
C. A. Whittingham 
Jane and Harrison Williamson 
Baba M. Zipkin 
Other Gifts
Anonymous (4)
Harold Lou Ackerman 
Barbara Absher Adams 
Deborah and Fred Akers 
Timothy T. Albaugh 
Hannah Louise Alley 
Chesley Margaret Ammermann 
Laura Tuggle Anderson '98  
Mary Ellen Apgar '12 
David and Carol Armitage 
B. Drummond Ayres III 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bailey 
Estate of Annabel Harvin Ballard '52 
Maryke Barber 
Marshall Bartlett 
Edward P. Bass 
James A. Beasley Jr.  
Edward and Karen Becker  
Kathryn Bell 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Berkley Bennett Jr.  
William E. Betzer Jr. 
John Bierley 
Laura Carpenter Bingham 
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Blalock 
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Blumenthal  
Ann Boardman 
Sandra Boatman  
William and Barbara Boger 
Charles and Martha Boswell 
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Boteler Jr.  
Howell Bowen 
Laura H. Bowen 
Carroll W. Brewster 
Kathy Brick  
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bridendall  
Jennifer Katherine Broschart 
Brenda Brown  
Carrie McCully Brown 
David and Donna Brown 
Henry Brown 
Ashley Browning MALS '13 
Drs. Paula P. and Thomas H. Brownlee  
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Budrus 
Michael Burnette 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Burns 
Mary Louise and John Burress 
Juliana C. Buttitta 
Scotty Candler IV 
B. Jeanne Cardwell 
David Carlson  
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Carman 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Carpenter  
Colleen Marie Carrell 
Janet Ruth Carty '87, MALS '99  
Mr. and Mrs. MacFarlane L. Cates Jr.  
Mr. and Mrs. E. Alan Catmur 
Jon J. Chamberlain 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Chenette Jr. 
Karen M. Chocklett  
Julie Clark 
Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm C. Clark  
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Clark Jr.  
William D. Clark  
Judith Cline  
Amanda Cockrell '69, MA '88  
Martin and Toni Coe 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Coffee 
Judith Coffman 
Madison Cole 
Meredith Colgin 
Catherine B. Contey 
Ariane Cooper 
Carroll and Catharine Cooper 
Rebecca R. Cox 
Paige D. Craft 
Estate of Betty Cunduff Craig '46 
Kathy L. Cramblett 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Crichlow Jr.  *
Jennifer Crow 
Alexander Cruden 
Joseph T. Culbertson 
Estate of Robert H. Culpepper 
Jacqueline B. Curley  
Mr. and Mrs. Scot Dahl 
Max and Emily Dale 
Michael O. Daniels M.D. and Julianne R. Daniels 
Katharine M. Davis  
Doris P. Deal  
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. DeForest *
Randolph DeHart  
Mavis Murray Dempsey  
Franklin M. Denson 
Margaret Ford Dent 
Macdonald Dick II and Carolin Dick 
Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, Matthew Dickinson and Nola Evitts Dickinson 
Sandra Dietrick 
John and Pamela Dister 
Andrew Dittamo *
W. Boulton Dixon  
Mr. and Mrs. John J. D'Lauro  
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Doss 
Corrine L. Draper 
Jean Duggan 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Duke  
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Duncan  
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Echols 
Estate of Lyn Ball Eckman M.A. '61 
Richard C. Edmunds Jr.  
Ellen C. Eldridge 
Mr. and Mrs. John Eliassen 
Elizabeth Elliott 
O. Neill Emmons  
Cythia C. Ethridge 
W. Michael Fagen 
Estate of Robert Beverley Feild 
Camille and John Fenton 
Joseph W. Ferguson 
Elizabeth C. Fiebach 
John and Deborah Fincher 
Juergen and Lorraine Fleck 
William T. Fleshman 
Regan Elizabeth Fletcher 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Florio 
Randall Flory  
Katie G. Frank 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerre L. Frankhouser 
Fred Franko 
Barbara Friedman 
James and Brenda Fry 
Elsa Ann Gaines and Joe Meyer 
Estate of Robert & Charlotte Hale Gammon '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Garris 
Amy Gerber-Stroh 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Getty 
Crystal S. Gibson MALS '12  
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Gilmore  
Lauren Goffe 
Floyd D. Gottwald Jr. 
James and Elizabeth Grace 
Richard and Ruth Ann Graham 
Emily Haight 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Gordon Haines  
Jessica Maria Hall '12  
Brenton S. and Lindsay Halsey  
Bettina L. Hanlon 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hansen 
Patricia Moore Harbour 
Pam and Marvin Hardy, and Parish and Mary Pam Hardy 
Prof. William R. Hare  
Byron Lewis Harris 
George Hart 
David D. Harvey  *
Christine Haskell 
Michael Hatcher 
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Hays 
Alison Courtney Hall '01 
Nancy R. Healy MALS '84 
Lenwood Heath 
Jo Anne Renee Heauser '13 
Carden Hedelt 
Elizabeth M. Heffron 
Alan and Denise Helms 
Mr. and Mrs. Riley L. Hensly 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Herbolsheimer  
Carolyn and Lem Hewes 
Charlotte Higginbotham 
Bette Hines 
Jan Hipp 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordhan S. Hirani 
Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Hobbs III 
Cecilia Hodges 
Jeffrey M. Hodges MALS '11  
Lin and Susan Hodges 
Jean C. Holzinger MALS '11 and Joe W. Leedom  
Stephanie Honts  
Robert M. Hoover 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hopkins 
Estate of Anne D. Hotchkiss 
James Houser Jr. 
Lauren Howell 
Margaret Freeman Howerton 
Lois Hudson 
Ursula Hull 
Phyllis Jean Isaacs 
Vicki James 
Susan E. Jamison 
Susie Connick Jamison 
Hill and Ginger Jeffries 
Beth Boney Jenkins 
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Johns 
Richard Johnson *
Mark W. Jones 
Lori Jaye Joseph  
Bansi L. Kalra  
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kastner 
Cathy and Reed Keller 
Kathleen and Kevin Kelly 
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kennan 
Tom Kennedy 
Laura L. King 
Sheldon King and Mary Ellen Davis  
Beth and Sam Kinney 
Kerry Rose Kinnison '12  
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Klinges 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Knox III 
Zurab S. and Elizabeth J. Kobiashvili  
Cathy L. Koon  
Mr. and Mrs. H. Frederick Kreimer  
Betsy S. Lane  
Diana Chapman Lang 
Amanda D. Lange, M.D. 
Brenda LaPrade 
Jeanne L. Larsen MA '72 
George and Kathleen Ledger 
John P. Leebrick  
James H. Lemon Jr.  
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lemon 
Donald Leslie 
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lester Jr. 
Mary Jean and John Levin  
Paula Levine  
Kathleen and Jeff Lewis 
Emily Hsu Liebert 
Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lineback 
Leigh A. Littleton 
Terry Long and Dr. Robin Clark 
Estate of Rosamond L. Loomis '33 
Geraldine Lotze 
John H. Loughridge 
Mr. and Mrs. Graham B. Luhn 
Charles I. Lunsford II  
Richard and Elizabeth Macher 
Kim D. Macher 
Guy Mack 
Gordon and Edna MacKenzie 
C. S. Manning  
Amanda Mansfield 
Elisabeth Marchant 
Diane Markert and Lawrence Wayne Markert  
Gene Marrano 
Kenneth Marshall 
Matt John Marshall MALS '08, MFA '11  
Linda M. Martin  
Pace Wentworth Martin 
Barbara and Frank Marxer 
Nancy Swanson McCachren 
Jeanne M. McCauley 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCoy 
Brenda L. McDaniel  
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McDowell 
Brenda B. McGehee 
Read F. McGehee Jr. 
Betty B. McKemie 
William McLean 
Mrs. John R. McMichael
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Meade Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Mickenberg 
Scott Miller 
Michael and Brenda Mills
Ida Few Mixon 
Elizabeth Anna Moncure '07
Emily Moore 
Margie and Alan Moore 
Moriah Moore 
Richard A. Moore 
Thomas Moore Jr.
William Poindexter Moore Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Moran 
Ms. Billie Moreland 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Morgan 
Avery Virginia Morrison 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Morrison 
Edward B. Morrow Jr. and Judy Morrow 
Juliet Moser *
Estate of Elsbeth Ellis Mountien '33 
Maricela Murray 
Mrs. Leonard A. Muse 
Judy Beth and Pete J. Mysliwiec 
Susanna Plummer Nave MALS '02 
Debra Lee Nelson 
Mrs. Alfred G. New
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Nielsen 
Kathleen D. Nolan 
McKee Nunnally Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. O'Brien III *
Marjory B. O'Leary 
Kelsi Renee Orsak 
Kat Cooper Osborn '10 
Rebecca Osborne 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. Osterholm
Patty O'Toole
Diane Paluzzi 
Sung Min Park 
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Paxton 
George Payne
Louise K. Payne-Hasselmann 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Pedroza 
Guadalupe Wanda Pena 
Philip Persinger 
Bruce and Carol Petit 
Julia E. Phillips 
Marni Pilafian
Justin Pinchot 
Christine Powell
Mary R. Powell
Jennifer Preston
Ruth T. Prevette 
Fredrick Price and Linda Seager Price 
Robert T. Priddy
Mr. and Mrs. Tim H. Priddy 
Mary T. Pryor 
Bridget Puzon OSU 
Mr. and Mrs. K. Richard Pyle 
Gail A. Raiman 
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson L. Raley 
Laura Ramsburg 
Janet Rasmussen 
Laura Rawlings 
Elizabeth and Tom Reagan 
Rev. and Mrs. Alwin Reiners Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Riepe 
Carol Ripley-Moffitt 
Margaret E. Ristau 
Todd Ristau and Joan Ruelle
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rivett *
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Rizor 
Mary Melissa Roach '07 
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Robbins 
Alan J. and Carrie S. Roberts *
Cynthia S. Robertson
E. Norwood Robinson
Jennifer L. Robinson 
Marcia and English Robinson 
Karen B. Rocourt 
Laurine Rogers
Bruce W. Rosborough
Sue D. Ross d
Estate of Virginia Lee Roth 
Jerry and Carole Rothstein 
Kathy Rucker
Christina A. Salowey 
Harold S. Salzman
Julia K. Sanford 
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Satterfield IV 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Sauciuc 
Dawn Schaben
Mr. and Mrs. William Schaff Sr.
Joanna Schroeder 
Darla Schumm and Jonathan Harris 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Seamon
Jim and Suzette Sells
John R. Seydel
Janice Dawn Shaffer
Patricia Moncure Sharpe 
Ms. Denise Simone 
Michael Sitton
Sue M. Sloop 
Donald and Barbara Smith 
Eberle Lynn Smith 
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Smith
Kym Smith 
Laura and Charlie Smith & Family 
M. Karen Smith
William Jay and Sonja H. Smith 
Judith C. Snyder '01
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Soechting 
Gabrielle Soto-Lemus 
Andre Spies 
Edwina Spodark and Bill Mantz 
Michael and Lynn Springer
Stephen C. Sprint 
Ron McRee and Anthony Startz 
Linda and Roger Steele 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stetzer III
Craig and Belinda Stevens 
Jeanine S. Stewart
Jenny Stracke '10
Mr. and Mrs. Maury L. Strauss 
Dr. and Mrs. C. Vaughn Strimlan
Mr. and Mrs. Victor T. Strom
Jeri Suarez 
Ramasubram and Priya Suresh 
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Talmadge
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Taylor Jr. 
Rickey S. Teague and Rebecca L. Hepler 
Alisha Kay Thomas 
May Thomas 
Marilyn S. Thompson '06, MALS '13
Christopher R. Thorp MD 
Richard and Ann Torbert
Rachel T. Toth 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Toups
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Trinkle 
Patricia Tucker
Dr. and Mrs. Francis D. Tuggle
Dede and Keith Van Zandt
Ellin VanLeeuwen 
Mr. and Mrs. VanNoppen 
Katie, Lee Harper and Wayne Vason 
Annie Filer Vogt 
Christopher Walmsley 
Arthur Ward
Ashley Fuller Ward 
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Ward 
Daryn J. Warner 
Guyton H. Watkins Jr. *
Agnes Weaver 
Dotty J. Weaver
Dr. and Mrs. W. Guy Webb
Jill M. Weber 
Dave and Michelle Wedding
Martha M. Weilbacher
Jeri Anderson Weiss 
Nan Mahone Wellborn 
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wellons 
Lynne Wester 
Mr. and Mrs. M. Terry Westhafer
Kenneth M. Wheeler and Cindy Chandler 
Mr. and Mrs. B. Briscoe White III 
Bill White 
Suzanne Willett 
Ann-Cabell Williams 
Geline B. Williams 
John D. Williams and Mary Ballou Williams 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Williams Jr. 
Lawrence Williams 
Nicole J. Williams '98, MALS '13
Beth and Julian Williamson
Robert O. Wills d
Estate of Eleanor 'Siddy' Delaney Wilson '30 
Gail C. Wilson 
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest G. Winslow 
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Wise 
Beverley Taney Witt 
Ellen M. Witt 
Dr. and Mrs. E. Thompson Witte 
Alston Osgood Wolf
David and Julie Wood 
Ms. Peggy B. Wood 
Theodore W. Woods Jr. 
Cynthia Woolbright and Bill Spelman
Hillary and Madison Wyche 
Robert W. Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Helfried C. Zrzavy 
Ernie Zulia