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The Symbols

  = The Green and the Gold Society

Y   = Marian Wolff Young Society

* = matching gift

d = deceased



Giving Societies

Leadership donors to any designation at Hollins are recognized in the following giving societies:


The 1842 Society

Honoring the year Hollins was founded, The 1842 Society provides special recognition to alumnae/i, parents, and friends who give $1,842 or more during the year to any designation at Hollins. All members of The 1842 Society and Miss Matty’s Circle are invited to a special cocktail reception celebrating their dedication to Hollins at the President’s house the Friday evening of Reunion, and to an annual weekend celebration exclusively for these leadership level donors.

President's Society
$50,000 +

Founder's Society
$25,000 - $49,999

Quadrangle Society
$10,000 - $24,999

Main Society
$5,000 - $9,999

Carvin Society
$2,500 - $4,999

Botetourt Society
$1,842 - $2,499



Miss Matty's Circle

Miss Matty's Circle honors Matty Cocke, daughter of Hollins' founder, president of Hollins from 1901 to 1933, and the first woman to head a college in Virginia. "Miss Matty" led Hollins through a transitional period in academics as, for the first time, the school offered a four-year bachelor of arts program. Miss Matty's Circle recognizes young alumnae who are leadership donors; these donors enjoy full membership in the 1842 Society.

10-14 years since graduation
$1,000 - $1,841

5-9 years since graduation
$500 - $1,841

1-4 years since graduation
$250 - $1,841



The Green and Gold Society

The Green and Gold Society recognizes the important role played by those alumnae/i and friends who consistently support Hollins. Donors to any designation at Hollins for five or more consecutive years are honored with a star (  ) next to their names in the following lists in the Annual Report on Giving: the Giving by Class Year lists, Graduate Alumnae/i, and Family and Friends lists. Membership is also extended to recent alumnae/i who have given every year since graduation.



Marian Wolff Young Society

Named in honor of Marian Wolff Young ’29, who made a gift to Hollins every year from her graduation until her death in 2008 – nearly 80 years! The Marian Wolff Young Society recognizes lifetime giving to Hollins. Originally open only to the class of 1999 and younger, which is when the society was created, starting in the 2012-13 fiscal year the Marian Wolff Young society is open to all class years. Donors who give every year since graduation are recognized with a Y next to the name in the Annual Report on Giving and receive a ribbon to wear at Reunion denoting their membership in this society.



Important Information on Charitable Gifts

To make a gift count during the Hollins 2013-2014 fiscal year, gifts must have a postmark no later than June 30, 2014. Hollins' fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.



We have tried to report every gift correctly; however, if we have made a mistake, please accept our apologies and bring it to our attention by contacting Laura Tuggle Anderson '98, director of advancement services, at ltanderson@hollins.edu or call our toll-free number, (800) 846-5371.

Annual Report on Giving 2012 - 2013

Giving by Class Year

Classes of 1980 - 1989


Gifts received from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013



Hollins Fund: 21%


Total Giving: 21%


1842 Society
Wyeth Outlan Burgess Y
Marcia Dowdy Coe Y
Cathy Hankla
Barbara Cannon Jones 
Virginia Calvert Patterson 
Elizabeth Goodman Pritchard Y
Neville Gay Williams Y
Other Gifts
Diane Dees Agate
Gail Toombs Aines
Judith Allen Alexander
Ellen Coker Baldwin
Joan Baranow
Alida Sinkler Barnwell 
Margaret Cregor Bell Y
Margaret Karen Berkness
Edith Mitchell Blair 
Sally Bray 
Jennifer McCauley Burger 
Margaret Williams Cope 
Susan Simonton Crichton
Clay Dudley Evans 
Susan Bakke Fredrickson 
Virginia Gussler George Y
Lynn Updegrave Gibson 
Becky White Graninger
Holly Gray
Susan Virginia Griesmyer Y
Katharine Thomas Harbison
Claudia Fort Heath 
Mary Lou H. Ivey 
Sandy Milyko Kirkpatrick Y
Caroline Gammon MacDonald Y
Sara Wynne MacDonell Y
Adelaide Bass Mason 
Kristina Nassikas Matsch
Leesa Dalton McGregor
Jaqueline Cary Brannock Milley 
Anna Bowen Milner Y
Lisa Morrow Morten Y
Terry Dennis Passano Y
Kathy Brown Ramsperger 
Anne Droit Ripley
Mary Kevan Galusha Roper 
Margaret Ross Schultze
Sue Smith-Bopp Y
Joan Fallon Stark 
Julia Clinard Townsend 
Peggy Brooks Tucker 
Kenan Lewis White
Cristi Ling Winchell *


Hollins Fund: 19%


Total Giving: 19%


1842 Society
Anne Sencindiver Carr
Caroline Simons Finnerty 
Dee Williamson Marley * Y
Julia C. Stadler
Derby Hardin Watkins 
Other Gifts
Katherine L. Altvater
Lucy Anne Briggs 
Erle Lionberger Broughton
Faye Owen Caldwell
Martha Miles Campbell Y
Nancy Emmons Cinatl
Ada Hubbard Cosby 
Alison Farmer Cosby
Elizabeth Gwaltney Cummings 
Elizabeth Gunter Daly 
Caroline Davis Fitzgerald 
Carolyn Crockett Gaskin 
Anne Fuqua Harr 
Elizabeth Stoll Harrington
Patricia Ottaway Howard 
Lavinia Grimball Howell
Robin Garwood Sterling Keys Y
Susie Adams King 
Ann Carlston Kramer
Susan Carrington Lowder
Catharine Nicolaides Lyons
Mary Lou Lyons
Margaret Mahaffey 
Frances Valentine Massey 
Amelia Moyler McCarthy
Kirkwood Hotchkiss McClintock
Peggy Latham McClure Y
Kenyon Varn Merritt
Tyler Bird Paul
Sandra Jamison Pierson 
Lynn Forrest Robertson
Carolyn Fick Shelby
Elizabeth Huyett Spencer
Stephanie Jayne Tilden Y
Frances Williams Ware
Diana Ott Wilder


Hollins Fund: 22%


Total Giving: 22%


1842 Society
Jennifer Tuttle Arnold Y
Dona Kohlbacher Crotts
Sara Handy Finney
Heather Dawes Fitzenhagen
Newnie Rogers Y
Sarah Lanier Zoerb *
Other Gifts
Karen Marie Amsler *
Emily Reed Anderson 
Peggy Griffin Begor
Kathy Noll Bell *
Leila Marie Bristow
Ginger Bond Browning 
Nancy Lee Canby
Judith Cleaver Catanese 
Leisa Kube Ciaffone
Nancy Hughes Crichlow 
Edie Goodman Dance 
Heli Trees Darlington 
Blair Eddy DeVan * Y
Sally Donnelly 
Blair Groh Ege *
Roberta Banning Emblidge
Deborah Trimarchi Estes 
Kimberly Haus Federico
Virginia Hartwell Gregory
Ann Atkins Hackworth 
Janet Reilly Hellberg 
Sandra Howes-Wilson 
Holly Elizabeth Hulfish 
Robin D. Jones 
Laura Anne Kearns
Holly Hall Mayotte 
Forrest Dickinson Moore
Madeleine Johnston Pearce 
Stacy Reed Pennino 
Yvonne Edell Perrin Y
Laura Pratt Pipkin 
Sarah Jones Powell Y
Cynthia Yeager Rentschler 
Anne-Herbert Rollins Y
Carol Richards Silberstein
Elizabeth McRee Stallings 
Melissa Berry Tolmie 
Kate Orr Tomkinson 
Heidi Lynn Vien 
Kristin A. Vines 
Anne Ely Wain 
Vereen Coen Woodward


Hollins Fund: 23%


Total Giving: 23%


1842 Society
Nancy Hotchkiss Gencarelli *
Sarah Gay Guyton Y
Sara Kolker Morgan 
Other Gifts
Amy Neal Ager 
Ellen Baldi Allen 
Helene MacGregor Belcher Y
Elizabeth Hunt Blanc 
Lisa Husbands Bolon Y
Karen Patterson Brunett 
Janice B. Bryant 
Deborah Eakin Cornelia * Y
Nancy Coleman Deaton 
Suzanne Abeling Dell Y
Allison Agresta DeMarsico 
Dr. Allison K. Divers
Anne Riegert Frazier
Susan Mather Gagne 
Anne Helm Galvin Y
Nancy Dees Golya 
Cathryn Michele Hallahan 
Susan Arnesen Hammock 
Martha Brown Hartley Y
Paula Zubieta Irons
Elizabeth Anne Karmel 
Shirley Leffel Kingery
Julie Nelson Langley 
Nancy Lawrence-Hill
Laura J. Maus
Marilyn Mischler McGoldrick 
Kheng Yap-McGuire Y
Alison Jenkins Moran 
Gray Jackson Morrison
Judy Witcher Motley 
Page Langhammer Pest
Betty Griesenauer Price d
Courtney Heina Rice
Mims Johnson Rodgers 
Chelle Sprint Smith *
Ann Folwell Stanford 
Elaine Eller Stephenson Y
Elizabeth Davis Ten Have 
Elisabeth Gebhardt Turner 
Cynthia Jane Wilson


Hollins Fund: 22%


Total Giving: 22%


1842 Society
Meg Freeman Habenicht Y
Leslie Dunne Ketner
Judy B. Morrill Y
Susan G. Myers
Quincie Rivers
Lori Francis Saul
Lisa Ferguson Stoeffel
Leah Harper Williams 
Other Gifts
Elizabeth Cahill Anderson 
Sarah Craven Anderson 
Suzanne Coleman Bancroft 
Lisa Crutchfield-Barth 
Jean McDowell Brewer
Jennifer Neville Bright 
Laura Yvonne Brown 
Karen Sue Chandler 
Susan Kelley Conger
Ann Davant Crehore
Carol Holmes Deyerle *
Jo Ana Eggers
Ida Valentine Farinholt
Stephanie Kelly Ford Y
Elizabeth Graham Giroir
Ellen Feinman Goldsmith-Vein 
Ann Holden Harris 
Karmen Reid Harvill
Kimberly Belfield Kinahan
Annette S. Kirby Y
Elske Christine Koks
Jennifer Lea Kuhnheim
Victoria Wickham Levering 
Melissa Anne Klineman Maag *
Marie Pohl Mackey
Gwenyth B. Mapes 
Karen Dell Messer-Bourgoin 
Delia Groesbeck Nau 
Kimberlee Woo Parr 
Pamela Sue Parsons
Elizabeth Anderson Perkins Y
Deirdre Marie Richards 
Jennifer Slingluff Robinson
Jennifer Burns Romeiser 
Victoria Ann Russell
Mildred Boyd Schoeller 
Wendy Dominick Stout 
Toccoa Bailey Switzer
Henrika Dyck Taylor
Chan Corrigan Voiles
Susan Downie Wheeler Y


Hollins Fund: 22%


Total Giving: 22%


1842 Society
Anne Wallace Altizer * Y
Dorothy Batten
Mimi Rainero Coles *
Elizabeth Brownlee Kolmstetter Y
Kaethe Hormann Pittman
Other Gifts
Julia Babson Alling
Carolyn Waller Bagwell 
Susan Dupre' Barrett 
Margaret Blank Birth 
Ann Jones Brindle 
Rowan Woody Brown
Linda France Clifford
Ellen Peeples Cregan 
Virginia Thomas Crum 
Amy Saunders Curran Y
Andrea Little Eaton 
Corey Cunningham Fischer
Abigale Francis Floyd 
Jeannine Atalay Harvey 
Helen Booth Hopton
Anna Holmes Hurley 
Linda Bertorelli Jennings
Lois Livingston Joyeusaz 
Kay Kerman
Susan Smith Ketchum *
Hampton Barringer Luzak 
Catherine Lutkus Magnano
Elizabeth Rigby Martin 
Mary Melinda Mason-Leskowitz
Susie Houska Matherly Y
Lynne Harwich McAlevey 
Lisa Bixby McGillivray
Nancy Horton Nusbaum
Julie Hitt O'Loughlin
Mira Kuic Ormsby 
Joan Marie Ray 
Nancy Driver Reynolds 
Susan Watson Roach
Missy Lee Roberts
Lucia Claybrook Royal 
Rachel Cohen Smith
Larken Japhet Sutherland 
Claire Sanders Swift 
Elizabeth Wissman Thomas 
Lauren Dickie Ward
Amy Bishop Williamson 
Andrea Linz Wyckoff 
Elizabeth Ashley Yancey 


Hollins Fund: 18%


Total Giving: 18%


1842 Society
Donna Raley Ellis *
Angela Diane Howard 
Amanda Lynn Miller * Y
Alexandra Trower Y
Other Gifts
Lisa Gray Algazi 
Nicole Osborne Ash Y
Kathryn Akins Bakewell 
Elizabeth Finch Barickman 
Alicia Martone Bendana 
Letty Kavanaugh Bower
Holly Davis Braden Y
Martha Terrell Harris Burruss 
Laurent Johnston Cadden 
Mary Catherine Archer Chesney 
Sarah Hurley Dewing 
Ginny Trawick Farley Y
Holly Goodsell Fechtmeyer 
Taylor Fisher-Rubbins 
Katharine French Flory *
Elaine Trotter Foley 
Jennifer J. Foust 
Meg Pittman Green
Helen Seale Harmon Y
Abby Lounsbery Hemphill Y
Rena White Heneghan
Catherine Ann Howard Johnson 
Kathryn Kelly Y
Gail Tansill Lambert Y
Kim Kelly LaPrade 
Julia Rheingold McCartney
Melanie Hughes Mikkelsen 
Eleanor Conway Moore
Elizabeth King Schafer
Jessica Guttry Visser 
Tavia Wells Waterman
Karen Barker Workman 
Louise Lowry Workmon 


Hollins Fund: 14%


Total Giving: 15%


1842 Society
Amy Mincey Coes
Bryson Patton Donoghue 
Mary McCauley Fowlkes
Christian S. Hobbs 
Paige Smith Jernigan Y
Mary Sowell Shelmire
Other Gifts
Megan Girard Allday
Sarah Grier Barber
Laura Miller Bland
Martina Boehmfeldt 
Joyce Lawrence Brennan Y
Mary Heather McDougall Cain 
Janet Ruth Carty
Elizabeth Folger Cashion *
Elisabeth Browning Cigarran 
Mary Therese Deldeo Y
Elizabeth Leitch Dreszer 
Robin Lee Green 
Ellen Davie Hirs
Martha Anne Kwiterovich 
Rebecca Miller Mahon 
Rebecca Mayfield Pearson 
Valerie Schmitt Prater
Linda Yancey Raker
Melissa Reynolds Rizer
Sally Margaret Scott
Susan Japhet Scotty 
Christine Steinhauser Seving Y
Catherine Wells Slone
Amanda Little Surgner 
Margaret Maxwell Thompson 
Ann Morris Warner
Jane Long Weatherred 
Jill Golden White * Y


Hollins Fund: 28%


Total Giving: 28%


1842 Society
Janet Woods Baughman Y
Kerry Johnson Edmonds Y
Cindy Fuller
Rebecca Hudson Waters *
Other Gifts
Anonymous (2)
Sarah Achenbach Y
Lauren Norton Atwill 
Louisa Merwin Bartok 
Mason Montague Bavin Y
Emmie Simpson Bowyer Y
Margie Stanley Crotts 
Amber Dahlgreen Curtis Y
Elizabeth Moran Errico * Y
Nicole Escue 
Virginia Elizabeth Fain 
Lilian Manger Fleming
Liz Frances Fordi 
Carmen Shively Goff 
Mahesente Gumenick 
Barbara Lynn Haas 
Diane M. Hall Y
Claire Burch Humbert
Kelly Maddox Keiser
Melinda Katherine Kim 
Vanessa Kirk-Brown
Florence Moreman Krupnick
Melissa Ann Kubick 
Anne Marie Kurtzahn 
Amy Lambert 
Jennifer Avenoso Lee
Kathilynch Smith Martin 
Lisa Wagner McCulloch 
Wendy Sue McGrady Y
Mary Virginia McKibbon 
Amy Morgan Mills
Kelly Wildman Murphy Y
Rebecca Pitner Nassif
Rochelle Shapiro Nolan
Mary-Jean Paulitz Y
Barbara Farnum Peale
Judy Haney Scott 
Kristin Wilbur Sencindiver 
Shelley Vermilye Shaffer 
Kimberly Diana Shaw 
Kristin Evans Stone Y
Elizabeth Ashley Summitt Y
Jody Simpson Thompson 
Pamela Thornton-Richter 
Kimberly Rice Topping Y
Meagher Lee Whigham 
Joyce Dabezies White
Virginia Malmo White 
Brooksley Burke Williams 


Hollins Fund: 25%


Total Giving: 25%


1842 Society
Elizabeth Egleston DuBose
Holly Price Mackay
Ginger Dixon Molloy Y
Maria Renee Moster * Y
Heidi Melton Seinsheimer Y
Other Gifts
Elizabeth Pugh Atkinson 
Mary Bender Barnett
Virginia Lindsay Barnett Y
Logan deButts Bernstein 
Jennifer Barton Boysko
Sarah Johnston Brady Y
Hope Fitzpatrick Brooks
Margaret Meade Carter 
Amanda Winter Chandler 
Kristina Ohlmann Childs 
Bryna Kimberly Wedner Darling 
Heather Lynne Davis 
Lee Gibbs DePret-Bixio 
Louise Boggs Feron 
Ann Rankin Fleming 
Margaret Spiggle Fogg Y
Keyser Harris Glancy 
Christine Hamsher 
Stephanie Bird Henthorn 
Anne Orgill Keeney 
Sandra Brown Kelly
Kathleen Hicks Kinsey
Stephanie Powell Knight 
Frances McCord Krongard
Evelyn Lanier Langdale 
Kathryn Perez Lasseigne
Christine Wake McNeely 
Kimberly Lindemuth Nicastri 
Lyle Hagan Peterson 
Amy Law Raley 
Amy Buffkin Rasulis
Maria Adams Roach 
Becki Harte Ryder 
Caroline Coffey Stedman 
Katharine Efird Sullivan 
Jill Irja Thomas 
Wimberly Shook Tribble 
Elliott Smith Turner
Meg McArn Valentine
Courtney King Waggoner 
Ellen Gober Walter 
Amanda Patton Williamson 
Ashley Lind Zarr