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The Symbols

  = The Green and the Gold Society

Y   = Marian Wolff Young Society

* = matching gift

d = deceased



Giving Societies

Leadership donors to any designation at Hollins are recognized in the following giving societies:


The 1842 Society

Honoring the year Hollins was founded, The 1842 Society provides special recognition to alumnae/i, parents, and friends who give $1,842 or more during the year to any designation at Hollins. All members of The 1842 Society and Miss Matty’s Circle are invited to a special cocktail reception celebrating their dedication to Hollins at the President’s house the Friday evening of Reunion, and to an annual weekend celebration exclusively for these leadership level donors.

President's Society
$50,000 +

Founder's Society
$25,000 - $49,999

Quadrangle Society
$10,000 - $24,999

Main Society
$5,000 - $9,999

Carvin Society
$2,500 - $4,999

Botetourt Society
$1,842 - $2,499



Miss Matty's Circle

Miss Matty's Circle honors Matty Cocke, daughter of Hollins' founder, president of Hollins from 1901 to 1933, and the first woman to head a college in Virginia. "Miss Matty" led Hollins through a transitional period in academics as, for the first time, the school offered a four-year bachelor of arts program. Miss Matty's Circle recognizes young alumnae who are leadership donors; these donors enjoy full membership in the 1842 Society.

10-14 years since graduation
$1,000 - $1,841

5-9 years since graduation
$500 - $1,841

1-4 years since graduation
$250 - $1,841



The Green and Gold Society

The Green and Gold Society recognizes the important role played by those alumnae/i and friends who consistently support Hollins. Donors to any designation at Hollins for five or more consecutive years are honored with a star (  ) next to their names in the following lists in the Annual Report on Giving: the Giving by Class Year lists, Graduate Alumnae/i, and Family and Friends lists. Membership is also extended to recent alumnae/i who have given every year since graduation.



Marian Wolff Young Society

Named in honor of Marian Wolff Young ’29, who made a gift to Hollins every year from her graduation until her death in 2008 – nearly 80 years! The Marian Wolff Young Society recognizes lifetime giving to Hollins. Originally open only to the class of 1999 and younger, which is when the society was created, starting in the 2012-13 fiscal year the Marian Wolff Young society is open to all class years. Donors who give every year since graduation are recognized with a Y next to the name in the Annual Report on Giving and receive a ribbon to wear at Reunion denoting their membership in this society.



Important Information on Charitable Gifts

To make a gift count during the Hollins 2013-2014 fiscal year, gifts must have a postmark no later than June 30, 2014. Hollins' fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.



We have tried to report every gift correctly; however, if we have made a mistake, please accept our apologies and bring it to our attention by contacting Laura Tuggle Anderson '98, director of advancement services, at ltanderson@hollins.edu or call our toll-free number, (800) 846-5371.

Annual Report on Giving 2012 - 2013

Giving by Class Year

Classes of 1960 - 1969


Gifts received from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013



Hollins Fund: 52%


Total Giving: 54%


1842 Society
Claudia Watkins Belk
Tifi Webb Bierley
Jane Fingar Branigan * Y 
Caroline Arnold Davis Y 
Susan Jones Gundlach Y 
Betsy Forsythe Hailey
Harriet Halsell Y 
Sally Vanderslice McMorris Y 
Jo Ann White Mooney
Elizabeth Seydel Morgan Y 
Suzanne Smith Whitmore Y 
Other Gifts
Sherrod King Allen 
Jaclyn Silverman Berlinsky
Margaret Davidson Bethea
Lucy Mather Boesel Y 
Cynthia Young Bowman
Turner Baker Broll Y 
Jane Nichols Cox Y 
Mary Thompson Denman Y 
Margaret Ann Eubank
Ann Posey Ferguson Y 
Susan Lane Fuss *
Mary Kay Ralph Gaillard
Marjem Jackson Gill 
Diane McKay Gilliam 
Joan Jefferies Hafner
Catharine Casey Hawes
Connie Boyd Hegarty
Julianne Lunsford Hollingsworth 
Edie Shoffner Hoogenboom
Carter Nelson Howards Y 
Martha Kuyk Hull 
Gray Friedberg Isaacs
Kay Mellott Keller
Nancy Cragg Lincoln 
Pat Henderson Lincoln 
Nancy Green Maune
Annette Booker McGhee
Carolyn Cobb Meigs 
Sally James Michel 
Beth Kidd Miner Y 
Ellen Vermillion Moore
Susan Flude Moore
Harriet Cotten Moran
Axson Brown Morgan 
Joan Troy Ontjes 
Jan Speckman Pierce
Shannon Ravenel Purves  Y 
Susan London Riser 
Betsy Perkins Sargisson 
Mary Soper Sharitz
Nancy Pennell Spence 
Maria Hall Temple Y 
Tevis Long Watts Y 
Beverly Watts Werner
Lynn Nebhut Wilroy 
Lou Ann Wood
Bette Lynn Corns Yancey
Peggy Marshall Zavattini 


Hollins Fund: 40%


Total Giving: 41%


1842 Society
Jan Horine Campbell
Libbie Gummey Cluett Y 
Melissa Smith Elliott Y 
Jeremy Hardy FitzGerald Y 
Anne Dietzman Greenwald Y 
Elizabeth Harbin Hunter
Joyce Neiditz-Snow 
Berry Powers Robison
Marie Bacon Ross
Ellen Shutze Whitaker
Other Gifts
Margaret Poer Allen
Joan Dunwody Atkinson 
Katherine Yancey Avant
Nanci Morris Barksdale Y 
Cynthia Bassett
Phyllis Terry Bennett 
Louisa Lehmann Birch Y 
Gail Galway Braxton Y 
Cynthia Simmons Corley 
Nancy Noble Driver
Martha Keirstead DuBois 
Althea Rasch Eisler   *
Judy Cope Evans
Marjorie Mazyck Feagin 
Cynthia Schiess Fehr 
Nancy Gaylord
Jenny Morton Gibbs 
Sarah Taylor Harrison 
Mary Boyle Hataway
Nancy Evans Hays Y 
Sally Simpson Jenkins Y 
Nancy Bloom Johns Y 
Honor Crowther Jones 
Dorothea Beall Lankford Y 
Gayle Dyar Lebens 
Beverley Lord Y 
Emily Gale McCartney 
Carollee Worthington Metroka 
Mae Harrison Moore 
Elizabeth Dodd Mooz Y 
Pattie Rogers Motley
Carola Lehmacher Murray 
Denise Zapffe Park
Debby Weston Philp 
Margaret Kean Rubel 
Barbara Lind Shanks
Meredith Smith Smith 
Judith Glynn Sowell
Beverly Langston Stacy Y 
Sally Holcomb Surface
Ann Crouch Thompson 
Mary Caldwell Williams Vensel Y 
Anne Shanklin Warlick Y 
Kitty Parsons Weaver Y 
Ann Kelly White Y 
Jane Freeland Williams


Hollins Fund: 43%


Total Giving: 43%


1842 Society
Carol Beaman Coxhead *
Nancy Macdonald Dick Y
Patricia Wilkie Ebrahimi
Virginia Scott Feazell Y
Linda Lester Griffin
Elizabeth Moore Johnston Y
Elizabeth Hall McDonnell Y
Peggy Williams Talman Y
Stella Ferguson Thayer
Anne Lloyd Vaughan 
Other Gifts
Evelyn Ellinger Albright 
Dona Coyte Badgett
Leigh MacKinney Barnhardt
Susan Ellett Beaver Y
Elizabeth Hall Becton 
Liz Artz Beim 
Mary Crossen Bell 
Lucia Guest Bennhoff 
Diana Meehan Bolt
Marie W. Carter Y
Judy Hamilton Clark
Sarah Cheatham Copeland
Anne Walker Cotton
Linda Devin-Sheehan 
Carol Greene Donnelly Y
Dorothy Claiborne Duke
Abby L'Hommedieu Dunham 
Jane Miller Fabian
Peggy Shinnick Federhart *
Laurice Wickersham Goodrich
Jane McCrary Goodrum
Leanna Haynie Greene
Sara Truluck Hall
Robin Hanscom Hanscum Y
Anita Herron Hayes
Andrea Lewis Higgins 
Kay Kirby Hodges 
Judith Shafer Hoff
Ann Kramer Hoffer
Sally-Ann Lawrence Hopkins Y
Brenda Levy Hutchings
Anne Davis Jones
Anne Martin Langley 
Janie Cowley Langmann
Sarah Storrs Lind 
Bolling Puller Lowrey
Gail Montgomery MacGregor Y
Susan Marckwald Mackay Y
Debbie Earl McDougall Y
Sewell Freeman McLeod
Mary Cornell Mizelle 
Anna Sevier Morgan Y
Gay Stieglitz Morison * Y
Alice Shelburne Neild
Kathleen Day Norfleet
Tita Davis Paddock
Betty Evans Pearson
Alice Horsley Siegel 
Carol Winebrenner Smith 
Christine Ruggles Smith
Kaye Brinkley Spalding
Susan Cragg Stebbins
Lynne Santy Tanner
Susanne Chenoweth Trible 
King Trousdale
Florence Lambeth Vavrek
Laura Johnson Waterman
Betsy Strobel Wilgis Y
Kay Kavanaugh Zambetti Y


Hollins Fund: 70%


Total Giving: 70%


1842 Society
Sue Barth Dobbs Y
Amelia Ridenhour Fountain Y
Sally Guion Griffith Y
Lydia Stevens Gustin
Martha Ridley Hurt Y
Margaret Thrower MacCary Y
Sally Houston McDougall Y
Gail Thurman Moore Y
Jennie Wayland Ritchie Y
Kathryn Allen Standard Y
Neely Paul Towe 
Suzanne Victor Trazoff 
Pamela Eakins Wharton 
Other Gifts
Ann Shepard Allen
Elena Hirshberg Allen 
Mary Johnston Amos 
Pat Murphy Balatsos 
Mabel Shuptrine Baldwin 
Jane Boyce Battle 
Helen Putzel Belliard 
Jane Golden Brabham 
Winston Martin Carl 
Mary Ann James Cartledge Y
Sandra Doughton Chapin
Judith Judson Chapman
Lyn Schmeiser Cook
Anne Stubbs Cooney 
Claire White Dickey 
Joan Vivian Durham 
Gene Brumfield Edmunds
Rowan Dunlap Elsom
Julia Voorhees Emmons 
Nancy Prevost Fichthorn 
Helen Nixon Fleming
Deborah Bassin Fletcher
Sally Dukes Folcher 
Charlotte Cook Foster Y
Barbara Swift Gabrielsen Y
Linda MacMurray Gibbs 
Linda Bowen Gibson 
Mary Evoy Gilliland 
Sara Farley Goodwin
Betty Norris Govatos 
Karen Magenheimer Greenbaum *
Mickey Paddock Griffin 
Lelia Ruffin Grinnan 
Susan Dukehart Hardman
Constance Kennon Harriss Y
Liz Milliken Head
Patricia Anne Hendrickson 
Mary Eichert Hilliard 
Katherine Gortner Hood 
Patricia Foster Hutchinson
Christina Converse Jackson Y
Betty Johnson Johnson 
Louise Jamison Johnson
Barbara Newell Kanto Y
Scottie Wall King
Betty Timberlake Knight 
Nancy Donaldson Kollin 
Lucie Lee Maynard Lanoux 
Judith Treadway L'Ecuyer 
Mallory Siegel Loehr 
Cynthia Bush Logan 
Carolyn Wilson Long Y
Majorie Coleman Mastin Y
Patience Deisroth McPherson 
Katrina Cooley Mercado 
Otis Crosby Morgan 
Chris Spiers Moseley
Mary Charlie Murphree 
Elizabeth Nickey Neilson 
Peggy Harding Nelson 
Florence Cabaniss Parnegg 
Margaret Midyette Peery Y
Nicky Hawes Perry 
Helen Forson Pratt 
Carol Cummings Rogers
Beth Woodward Ryan 
Mary Cooper Safrit 
Susan Batjer Shelton 
Beth Walker Slifer
Suzanne Waters Smirnoff 
Anne Erickson Smith Y
Seymour Keeney Smith Y
Isobel Brawley Spink 
Karen Van Fleet Stark 
Virginia McCallum Syer Y
Barbara Hill Szoradi 
Susanne Reynolds Thombs 
Jane Gentry Vance
Gail Aguirre Watson 
Carol Morrison Weicker 
Judy Kiely Williams 
Eleanor Webster Winsor 
Page Montgomery Wright
Gay Callaway Yelverton *
Frances Mulford Young


Hollins Fund: 43%


Total Giving: 43%


1842 Society
Pat Exum Bassett
Vance Oliver Finch
Marthanne Dorminy Gardner 
Kathryn Hobart Krieger Green
Dee Tillery Hamilton
Lyda Hill
Sarah Lawrence Holland
Betsy Christenberry Holleman
Lucy C. McRae Vollet *
Sallie C. Morian Y
Hebe Dowling Murphy
June Brill Myles 
Nancy Hall Peck *
Suzanne McKnight Reno Y
Virginia Hutcheson Ritchie Y
Meredith Stanley Scott Y
Suzanne McCormick Taylor Y
Margaret McDonnell Treadwell
Other Gifts
Elizabeth Pound Alsobrook
Carolyn Engel Amiot 
Patsy Enright Aster 
Barrie Feighner Bain
Nada Ballator
Georgia Lucas Barnett
Lynn Fifield Black
Julia V. Blake
Catherine Wheeler Bowen
Mary Bickerstaff Bradley
Grace Whitehead Broaddus Y
Bobbie Yonts Buxton Y
Linn Montjoy Carl 
Sally Bosler Cizmaric 
Donna Powers Cochran Y
Eva Badger Connell Y
Marg D. Connell Y
Celestine Shepherd Cox 
Elizabeth D. Coxe Y
Fran Harrison Cronenberg Y
Kit S. Davison
Marty Horton Gecek 
Carole Pfisterer Hart
Penny Armstrong Hart
Frances Hoffa Hershkowitz 
Lisa Gerken Huff
Mary Sue Hornor Jacobs
Cornelia Frazier Jones
Mary Church Kent Y
Townsend Daniel Kent
Susan Smith Koonce Y
Betsy Smith Krahenbuhl Y
Rita Huddleston Liles 
Adelaide McKenzie Moss Y
Sara Jane Evans Moss
Joyce Flippen Nash Y
Jane Elliott Norfleet
Judy Reuter Owsley Y
Christine Cannon Phelon
Betty Kelly Pike
Nancy Gould Pinkernell Y
Loraine Reed
Virginia Leigh Refo 
Marya Goldman Repko 
Elisabeth Payne Rosen Y
Susan Huff Schmitt
Ginna Dunglinson Simpson
Whitley Hayter Smith
Ellie Phillips Stanton Y
Anne Vaughan Stewart
Lynn Tuach Stroud  * Y
Marjie Mustard Toepffer
Ellen Denton VanThiel
Leslie Vernon Willett
Anne Wetzell Williams 


Hollins Fund: 44%


Total Giving: 44%


1842 Society
Lynne Clutsam Buckley Y
Florida Smith Ellis
Susan Bentley Fowler 
Connie Whittet Garrett Y
Wendy Urschel Larsen
Anna Logan Lawson Y
Ginny Carnes Rather d Y
Frances Gibby Roberts Y
Barbara Beaman Sieg 
Sally Thompson Y
Susan Barnes Titus
Joshan Backus Wise
Other Gifts
Jill Marie Abbott 
Rendy Rawls Adams
Elizabeth Lucas Archie
Sara Traylor Atherholt
Patricia Irene Baldwin 
Penny Pritchard Beddoe 
Betsy McSpadden Bennett
Joan M. Bring 
Pam Lawrence Carmichael 
Mary Meagher Chamberlayne
Bette Upton Cobb 
Andrea Lynch Cole
Croom Whitfield Coward
Sally Keene Craig Y
Jane Lemon Daly
Julia Cumming Davis
Ann Howson Dixon Y
Patricia Hoblitzell Dixon
Priscilla Starr Fitzhugh 
Linda Lee Ford Y
Sally Seelbach Garber Y
Marty Jones Gardner
Aileen Lewisohn Godsick Y
Judith Moore Goff Y
Tavenner Finlay Hall 
Lindsay Ogle Hampton 
Elizabeth McDonald Head
Kirty Abeles Heald
Margaret McPherson Hendrick 
Jane Dykes Herndon   *
Sabina Ann Herrmann 
Libby Bartlett Hill
Perry Hodges 
Judy Breen Hoge 
Anne Saxby Houle
Ellen Lindsey Key
Mary-Mac Lamb Laing Y
Sharon Thrasher Langley
Anna Coatsworth Larkin 
Marion Hines Larsen
Penny Nichols Leman
Page Garrity Lowry
Linda Zabel Lunsford Y
Mary Boush Penzold Maarbjerg 
Charlotte Williams McClain Y
Parlin Hargrave Meyer 
Nola Gould Miller 
Patricia Brawley Murray
Jan Martindale Newsome Y
Sarah Kent Parrish
Eden White Rafshoon 
Susan Carswell Rawls Y
Sandra Ludlum Ronan 
Susan Barce Russell 
Carolyn Jo Kephart Sandler
Ellen Black Seabring Y
Louisa H. Shaw 
Marian Macy Stevenson   *
Dorrie Boone Talbott 
Virginia Hunton Totten
Ingrid Utech 
Sandy Nelson Wells 
Dinah Gamble Wolff
Lansing Rowan Wood
Margaret Glenn Zollo


Hollins Fund: 47%


Total Giving: 47%


1842 Society
Alice Meriwether Bowsher
Ann Allston Boyce
Donalynne Nesbitt Fuller Y
Juliet Cooper Gray
Mary Anne Lanier Hooker
Mary Terrell Joseph Y
Kay F. Kendall
Amanda Chase Madar Y
Elizabeth Hardaker Marsh Y
Carolyn McQueen Meares 
Tina Burke Millner
Patricia Neild Moulton Y
Joyce Riddle Neely Y
Carol Bayne Price Y
Nancy Rilett * Y
Nancy Davis Rosan
Barbara Stone Smith Y
Other Gifts
Linda Lord Antilla 
Gail Frances Barber 
Christina Mitchell Bascom Y
Mimi Meyers Bathgate *
Pamela Babst Bent
Sara Saxby Bentley 
Diana Cunningham Bunting
Margaret Kennard Burt
Alice Alexander Carr 
Susan Morris Carroll 
Emily Siewers Cox
Natalie Cook Culley Y
Elizabeth Cragg de Manio 
Marsha Mckee Evans 
Jan Havens Greer
Stephanie Murch Haggerty 
Judith Ogden Hansen 
Katharine Corbin Hershey 
Louisa Harbin Hunter Y
Pamela J. Isquick Y
Lida Mogg Keene 
Rosalind Warner Lewis Y
Fluff Shinnick Manderson Y
Catherine Ringe Matthews
Penny Page Mayer
Nancy Caldwell McGuire 
Anne Ainslie Megaro 
Linda Kirby Mewshaw 
Margaret Davis Minis Y
Carol Wood Mitchell
Carol McAdoo Moore 
Melissa McGuire Moss 
Sandra Raymond Nosrati Y
Fan Ash Oleson
Catherine Emmons Phelps 
Catherine Skinner Powell 
Beverly Holmes Prevost
Bonnie Cook Price 
Anne Woodford Russell Y
Mary Catherine Cooper Savage
Alice Marshall Sharp
Mary Turner Snead Y
Katherine Taylor Sparrow Y
Karen Bolding Stamatiades Y
Kay Rucker Strohl 
Mary Thacher Tate
Nancy Wooding Turner 
Mary Poe Twitchell 
Nella McFall Ward 
Nancy Webster Ware
Binney Kitchel Wells
Mary Sue Younger 


Hollins Fund: 47%


Total Giving: 47%


1842 Society
Ann Hall Austin
Terrie Allen Davis   * Y
Pat McMahon Derryberry 
Annie Dillard Y
Miriam Hayllar Farmakis Y
Penny Dyson Foley 
Mildred Fokes Godard
Mary Ann Harvey Johnson Y
Susan Spaulding Mullin Y
Annette L. Polan
Rev. Molly Dale Smith *
Katherine Feighner Van Allen
Other Gifts
Margie Pannill Allen Y
Jacqueline Amsterdam
Ann McKee Austin 
Mary McCamy Beachum 
Beverley Griffith Bigham
Judith Booker Bishop
Fran Sannella Callaway 
Emily Watkins Chewning 
Lee Harrison Child 
Amelia Wilson Craver
Jean Talley Drew 
Maryrose Eannace 
Christine Bland Edwards
Nancy Beckham Ferris Y
Suzanne Williams Ford
Ken Fisher Gearon 
Roberta O'Connell Gibson 
Elizabeth Brezina Kenna 
Karen Long-Dwight 
Jeanne Varkala Lovern Y
Barbara Ross Luck 
Lucinda Hardwick MacKethan
Ginny Byrne Mahlke Y
Carolyn Hogen Mason
Melissa Kinsey Mathews 
Ellen Geary Maupin 
Susan Chapman Mazek
Mary Weissmann McCarthy 
Barbara Winn Meador
Anne Shepard Nuckols
Suzanne Hubbard O'Hatnick
Katherine Platt Payne
Penelope Primus Pine
Diana Hasty Plosser
Marietta Allison Quinby
Susan Stokely Rice
Martie Bateson Sautter 
Mary Withers Schelling
Mary Keith Sentell 
Elizabeth Rose Sledge Y
Melissa Montague Smith 
Frannie Carney Taylor 
Nancy Bryan Terrell
Susan Gray Tuttle Y
Jeannette Purrington Twomey
Emily Miller Varkala
Joanne Hall Von Culin Y
Jennifer Sechrist Wester Y
Joyce Jackson Wood Y


Hollins Fund: 50%


Total Giving: 50%


1842 Society
Louise Lancaster Andriadis Y
Boyce Lineberger Ansley Y
Patricia Thrower Barmeyer Y
Louisa Condon Barrett Y
Clark Hooper Baruch * Y
Elizabeth Girling Bullitt Y
Martha Perrow Carll-Williamson
Carroll Dawbarn 
Susan Farley Ferrell 
Victoria Blake Firth 
Joan Livingston Guzzetti 
Theresa Moon Hewitt Y
Elizabeth Seale Jeppson 
Laura Burks Logan Y
Caroline Maloney *
Zelime Gillespie Matthews
Ginny Mann May
Wycliffe Goodloe McClure Y
Starr Moore Y
Cathy Strause Plotkin Y
Charlotte Kelley Porterfield Y
Lalla Harrison Saleeby Y
Victoria Watt Sheldon
Juliet Greenfield Six 
Cameron McDonald Vowell Y
Joan Shirkey Walters
Other Gifts
Betsy Rawls Agelasto Y
Mary Koether Ballard 
Denise Wiens Balzano 
Wendy Oschwald Barbellion
Joey Marie Bourgholtzer Y
Jane Allan Bowie 
Electa Brown 
Anne Van Orden Butler 
Blanche Capel
Sallie Dupree Carlisle 
Betsy Brooks Carr 
Mary Ritsch Chase Y
Page Trout Ciordia Y
Elizabeth Anne Colloty 
Terry Jones Eddy
Jane Porteous Ellsworth
Nancy McCall Field
Elizabeth Rawleigh Forbush
Donna J. Goddard Y
Lynn de Vore Goldsmith Y
Anne Hipp Habeck 
Catherine Elizabeth Hall 
Martha Lynne Hanhart-Finger
Virginia Moore Herbert 
Sabra Whitmore Hickam
Betty Ayers Hicks 
Carolyn Howe Holladay
Barbara Loch Ireland Y
Bonnie Page Jacobs 
Cheryl Walden Jordan 
Susan Hardy Justice 
Adelaide Long Karpeles 
Martha Alsop Kent 
Elizabeth Wells Kline 
Helen von Bachmayr Larsen Y
Sally Trice Lester
Anne Templeton MacAskill 
Marie Alberici Marks 
Sarah Agnes Marshall 
Sheryl Sears McCormick 
Lee Sherwood McDermott 
Kathleen Dunlevy Morin
Marsha Ragland Musser Y
Grier Stewart Novinger Y
Janice Ruth Paxton Y
Barbara Crockett Pennington Y
Gay Lloyd Pinder 
Blair Burns Potter 
Lynn Bugg Pritchard 
Gigi Scott Redmond
Nancy Nuckols Rhodes 
Frances Martin Richardson 
Katie Van Horne Rissel 
Anne Butt Rochet 
Courtney Goode Rogers Y
Nancy Miller Schamu
Anne Wilson Scott
Carolyn Miller Short Y
Kathleen Grand Smith 
Kate Marks Stimson Y
Anne Maher Stoddard 
Catherine Krebs Suiter 
Irene Watkins Ward 
Sarah Sheffield White 
Pamela Jackson Winton 
Pamela Westcott Wright 


Hollins Fund: 34%


Total Giving: 34%


1842 Society
Chris Butler Ball 
Martha Salisbury Brewer
Betsy Fentress Goodwin
Deborah DeBerry Long Y
Mary Lou Mertens Lowry Y
Ellen Reighley Malcolm
Jan Nicholson Y
Suzanne Allen Redpath
Anne Merritt Stembler
Other Gifts
Anonymous (2)
Laurel Rutkaus Abusamra Y
Rosalie Bailey Alexander
Cece S. Allen 
Helen Carter L. Allen 
Anne Foreman Barnes
Ellen Marshall Beard
Karen Jeanne Bell Y
Claire Yancey Benedict
Anne Peach Biddle 
Ann Scott Black Y
Kae Nelson Bolling Y
Sally Jones Brodie
Virginia Moody Butler
Amanda Cockrell Y
Kathie Gallagher Coyle
Jeffrey Zeiler Dearing
Barbara Deemer Douglass 
Lydia Bounds Everton
Carol Dawson Fassio
Cheryl King Fischer 
Deborah Hussey Frankovich
Missy Marston Gagarin Y
Jeanne B. Garrison 
Linda Owen Gibson
Leigh Grant
Minta Cowan Hall Y
Susan Ross Hatch
Shelley Bowen Hatfield 
Susan Cook Hoganson * Y
Cindy Houston 
Sandra Strother Hudson Y
Robin Woody Ingram *
Betsy Saunders Jones 
Anne Maury Kennard
Enid Ferguson Keyser 
Harriet Jones Larsen
Gigi McGuire Leach
Cindy Lee Loeffler 
Mary Pelzer Loftin 
Liddell Louise Madden
Sallie Strauss Maron
Pamela Chisman Martin 
Eleanor Garges Maxwell 
Marietta Monica McCarty Y
Trish Clift McLeod Y
Elizabeth White Miller Y
Mollie DeVane Neal 
Martia Haines Newell
Caroline Bear Novak
Susan Bergquist Oliphant *
Carter Parsley
Catharine Dandridge Penson
Carol Minor Peterson 
Elisabeth H. Phillips 
Kathy Blake Pinkney 
Mollie Massie Poulus 
Judy Peterson Sappington
Betty Anne Ferguson Schenk Y
Elizabeth Shackelford
Hilary Haskins Sills
Nancy Wright Slain 
Sarah Cooke Taggart Y
Marsha Huffman Tarte 
Susan Heflin Thorson
Joan Phillips Timbers 
Rowena Boyd Van Dyke
Laurie Robinson Webb
Mindy C. White Y
Pam Danos Wiegand
Ann Graham Zauber