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The Symbols

  = The Green and the Gold Society

Y   = Marian Wolff Young Society

* = matching gift

d = deceased



Giving Societies

Leadership donors to any designation at Hollins are recognized in the following giving societies:


The 1842 Society

Honoring the year Hollins was founded, The 1842 Society provides special recognition to alumnae/i, parents, and friends who give $1,842 or more during the year to any designation at Hollins. All members of The 1842 Society and Miss Matty’s Circle are invited to a special cocktail reception celebrating their dedication to Hollins at the President’s house the Friday evening of Reunion, and to an annual weekend celebration exclusively for these leadership level donors.

President's Society
$50,000 +

Founder's Society
$25,000 - $49,999

Quadrangle Society
$10,000 - $24,999

Main Society
$5,000 - $9,999

Carvin Society
$2,500 - $4,999

Botetourt Society
$1,842 - $2,499



Miss Matty's Circle

Miss Matty's Circle honors Matty Cocke, daughter of Hollins' founder, president of Hollins from 1901 to 1933, and the first woman to head a college in Virginia. "Miss Matty" led Hollins through a transitional period in academics as, for the first time, the school offered a four-year bachelor of arts program. Miss Matty's Circle recognizes young alumnae who are leadership donors; these donors enjoy full membership in the 1842 Society.

10-14 years since graduation
$1,000 - $1,841

5-9 years since graduation
$500 - $1,841

1-4 years since graduation
$250 - $1,841



The Green and Gold Society

The Green and Gold Society recognizes the important role played by those alumnae/i and friends who consistently support Hollins. Donors to any designation at Hollins for five or more consecutive years are honored with a star (  ) next to their names in the following lists in the Annual Report on Giving: the Giving by Class Year lists, Graduate Alumnae/i, and Family and Friends lists. Membership is also extended to recent alumnae/i who have given every year since graduation.



Marian Wolff Young Society

Named in honor of Marian Wolff Young ’29, who made a gift to Hollins every year from her graduation until her death in 2008 – nearly 80 years! The Marian Wolff Young Society recognizes lifetime giving to Hollins. Originally open only to the class of 1999 and younger, which is when the society was created, starting in the 2012-13 fiscal year the Marian Wolff Young society is open to all class years. Donors who give every year since graduation are recognized with a Y next to the name in the Annual Report on Giving and receive a ribbon to wear at Reunion denoting their membership in this society.



Important Information on Charitable Gifts

To make a gift count during the Hollins 2013-2014 fiscal year, gifts must have a postmark no later than June 30, 2014. Hollins' fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.



We have tried to report every gift correctly; however, if we have made a mistake, please accept our apologies and bring it to our attention by contacting Laura Tuggle Anderson '98, director of advancement services, at ltanderson@hollins.edu or call our toll-free number, (800) 846-5371.

Annual Report on Giving 2012 - 2013

Giving by Class Year

Classes of 2000 - 2013


Gifts received from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013



Hollins Fund: 19%


Total Giving: 19%


1842 Society
Carey Desmarais Campbell 
Sabrina Rose-Smith
Miss Matty's Circle
Cheska Avery Lynn Y 
Sarah Marshall Price Y 
Katherine Sanders Reid * Y
Leah Fox Roberts
Leslie Allgood Smith Y 
Other Gifts
Jacqelyn Hartseil Anders 
Norm Ash 
Megan J. Baptiste-Field 
Jacquelyn Bayne 
Jamilyn Patricia Cole 
Allison S. Connolly 
Amanda Lannon Featherstone 
Alexia Arnett Gerczak Y 
Catherine Kenley Witte Hanna 
Amy M. Harshfield 
Antoinette Dennise Hillian Y 
Sally DuVal Horner
Rebecca Pillow Hovater
Emily Wheat Maynard Y 
Sumner M. Menchero Y 
Courtney Randall-Caldwell
Mira Zawadzki Selm
Martha Linden Tubman 
Kate S. Wagner 
Amanda Beth Warner 
Amanda Han Wood *
Jessica Katherine Wootton Y 
Valerie Michele Zgonc 


Hollins Fund: 18%


Total Giving: 18%


Miss Matty's Circle
Amanda Marie Knackstedt *
Other Gifts
Jean Shaw Ceneviva 
Shani Nwando Ikerioha Collins 
Elizabeth Kump Conlan
Sarah Parkerson Day
Marie Owsley Easterlin Y 
Elizabeth Flanagan
Elizabeth Schnare Hayes 
Alison Courtney Hall 
Kathryn Crist Holderness
Tamara Bishop Hollingsworth 
Norah Griffiths Johnson
Kaitlyn Becker King 
Peyton Lawrimore 
Shannon Loftin
Catherine Bryan MacKelcan 
Cynthia Y. Manick 
Katherine VanderKaay Mitakides
Margaret Catmur Murff 
Margaret Bray Mustian 
Stephanie Bernstein Pollard 
Caitlin DeLaney Rutherford Y 
Melissa Hanson Sabol Y 
Farah T. Sanders 
Judith C. Snyder
Erica Lisi Stockton 
Sara Kathryn Matthews Tully 
Elizabeth Dale Wimmer 


Hollins Fund: 14%


Total Giving: 14%


Miss Matty's Circle
Kristin Cowdin Y
Caroline J. Hamric Y
Megan White Hudson 
Jessica Manack Y
Other Gifts
Dannette Gomez Beane Y
Nancy Peterson Benninger 
Heather Brown 
Liza Corbin Cole Y
Micki Davis 
Laura English Gardner
Faith Harden 
Kimbrough Murray Haverstock 
Erin Holcombe-Olsen 
Kristin Hunt Y
Alicia Kemnitz Y
Alexis King
Bilge Kilosine 
Debby Lee 
Lory Pendergraph Markham 
Georgia Luck Mitchell Y
Valerie Rae Mooney
Grace Ashley Sauer Oswalt
Leigh Anne Haciski Rainford 
Jenna Hansen Taylor 
Lauren Taylor Y
Sharon Nhu Tran 
Cecily Farrar Walters
Marcail Moran Waskom 
Erin Elizabeth Wommack 
Jenny Jo Woods


Hollins Fund: 15%


Total Giving: 15%


1842 Society
Sarah Marie Powers Y
Miss Matty's Circle
Erica Feiste
Other Gifts
Hannah Huber Bearer 
Jessica N. Bentley 
Natalie Bradshaw-Smith 
Frazier Sizemore Buck 
Virginia Paige Callegary 
Sara Jacklyn Cantor 
Amanda Mascelli Christopher 
Lindsey Fitts Copeland Y
Sarah Hopkins DeCamps 
Lindsey Mann Field Y
Martha Estan Glover 
Maggie Magdalen Hackett 
Katherine Brooke Hunter *
Kristin MacLeod Johnson 
Amelia Elaina Johnston 
Courtney S. Legum-Wenk Y
Lindsey Paris Lopez
Emily Dawn Martin 
Carol Clements Motley Y
Colleen Taylor O'Brien 
Elizabeth Harris Oglesby 
Jessie Detterline Rodwell 
Anna Frazelle Root 
Emily Ann Schiller Y
Melissa Anne Miller 
Katie Manning Woolley 


Hollins Fund: 22%


Total Giving: 23%


1842 Society
Shamecca Quivette Bryant 
Miss Matty's Circle
Sally Lee Beazlie 
Savon Shelton Sampson * Y
Frances Elizabeth Burgin Waller Y
Other Gifts
Sally Peck Ashby 
Massie Lee Young Bailey 
Abby Faison Balderson 
Catherine Morrissette Baldridge 
Sharon Anne Bonham Y
Jamie Ruth Brown 
Jessie Huff Coffman 
Taylor Cook-Seppi 
Meghna Das Thakur 
Mary Alston Geddie 
Anne Snoddy Hairfield Y
Margaret Bourne Henderson 
Margaret Hopkins *
Bess Kelly 
Christina Elaine King 
Sloan Borman Lee 
Rosalina Macaraeg Leoncio 
Elizabeth Ashley Longley 
Sarah Elizabeth McClurg 
Jessica Jordan McEwan Y
Hadley Hall Meares 
Regan Lee Postma
Laura Page Rast 
Alice-Cole Reynolds 
Ashley Reynolds 
Elise Branch Rubinstein 
Agatha Lynch Rule 
Jill Walker Seamans 
Tara Smith 
Kristina Partlow Soeder 
Joy Sparrowhawk Y
Kasey Freedman Sporck 
Natosha Nicole Tillman 
Eboni Wright Vinson 
Lauren Sells Walker Y
Katherine Howard Walters 
Anna Beth White 


Hollins Fund: 17%


Total Giving: 17%


Miss Matty's Circle
Heather Latiolais Eure
Nadia Hartman Watts 
Other Gifts
Emily Elizabeth Abeles 
Sarah Harpe Baroi 
Kathryn 'Berg' Berg 
Lindsey Anderson Bieging Y
Kaitlin Elizabeth Breckinridge 
Sarah Evelyn Burns 
Kristen Beth Carmichel Y
Darlene Demarest
Emily Wade Fielder 
Rachel Colleen Fletcher Y
Tiffany Gutshall Y
Courtney McGowin Hamill 
Meredith Mishkin Harper 
Ellen Fletcher Knight 
Lauren Elizabeth Neal Y
Caroline Howell Pope 
Amanda Kirby Range Y
Leah Viviane Satorsky 
Rita Escolero Shewbridge Y
Aheri Stanford-Asiyo 
Elizabeth Sackett Stroud 
Danielle Katherine Ince Thompson Y
Annie Gray Tipton 
Amy Torbert Y
Caroline Walker *
Phoebe Schweizer West 
Becky Hawke Wilburn 
Sara Martin Wright 


Hollins Fund: 24%


Total Giving: 26%


Miss Matty's Circle
Gwendolyn Lucille Fernandez Y
Elizabeth Blair Toner 
Other Gifts
Anonymous (2)
Lorene Funk Accardo 
Danielle Ayers 
Holly Suzanne Bailey
Lauren Michelle Bates 
Augusta Hunter Beale 
Corinne Everett Belch
Rebecca Staed Bishop 
Cara Susanne Calvin 
Jennifer Marie Champagne Y
Emily Scott Daniels 
Kim Patricia Dube 
Megan Marie DuBrueler 
Emily Anne Eigel
Alyssa Ann Galinaitis 
Katherine Neas Geise Y
Jennifer Morgan Gilardi 
Jessica Barnes Green 
Mary Bryan Haltermann 
Rebecca Ann Stuart Haque 
Julia Katherine Henderson 
Charlene Mary Antoinette James 
Christine Marie Jehu Y
Ashlee Lauren Kneip 
Sophia Marie Koinis 
Catherine Flynn McAnulty 
Lorrie Grace McCann 
Katie Lorraine McDonald 
Katherine Lindsay McDonough Y
Meaghan Ashley Overton 
Megan Stagg Overton 
Laura Carmel Palmer 
Sarah Jane Poulton Y
Jennifer Ellyn Roberts Y
Alexis Hair Snyder Y
Anne Rustin Starling 
Marilyn S. Thompson
Naomi Valenciano Y
Marly Justine Wilson 
Denita Plunkett Wray Y
Breeanna Husband Zamora


Hollins Fund: 29%


Total Giving: 29%


Miss Matty's Circle
Tracy Leigh Amonette 
Elizabeth Anna Moncure Y
Dorcas Mudzingwa-Bohling Y
Hannah Lee Savino 
Rebekah Klabunde Tomer *
Other Gifts
Brittany Danielle Addison 
Elizabeth Hunter Bartenstein 
Ariel Aletha Baumann 
Lydia Louise Beresford Y
Elizabeth Tomlinson Boone 
Rose Genevieve Bottle 
Siobhan Hanora Boyle 
Patricia Allison Bridendall 
Sara Ann Clemens 
Stephanie Dominque Coston 
Megan Nichole Culp 
Elizabeth Anne Dister Y
Amanda Marie Dziewulski 
Dyanna Worley Fincher 
Malia Patricia Gutierrez 
Ashleigh Katherine Hale 
Susan Colleen Halsey 
Maddie Green Hazelgrove 
Megan Julia Hennessey 
Krystle Rae Hunt 
Angela Lynn Knoblock 
Julia Coffin Knox 
Laura Anne Kviklys 
Kathryn Foster Lowe 
Lolly Rush Lux 
Katherine Ann Lynskey 
Kristina Lenzi Mascelli 
Sarah Catherine McCaig 
Kirsten D. Miller 
Candice Murray 
Sarah R. O'Brien 
Lisa Marie O'Quinn 
Hope Swenson Pankake Y
Mary Melissa Roach 
Jessica Evans Ruehrmund 
Aly Paige Sanderford 
Carla Guerrero Santos 
Michelle Fellows Sayers 
Laura Catherine Smith 
Michelle Swank Smith 
Jane Lytch Tornow 
Melissa Myers Vaillancourt 
Mary Dell Vokes 
Shawn Barbara Whiteman Y
Michelle Joy Wikum 


Hollins Fund: 19%


Total Giving: 19%


Miss Matty's Circle
April Helmreich *
Caroline Burnett Rocourt Y
Jane Katharine Sayers Y
Other Gifts
Megan Elisabeth Anderson 
Jennifer Austin Y
Amanda Miller Boyd 
Casey Bridgers Y
Rachel Bright 
Anna L. Christenson 
Pam Cruz 
Miranda Dennis 
Celia Dennison Y
Anne Fitzgerald-Pittman Y
Skyler Ann Gemmer 
Lindsay Little Gray 
Amy Rose Grenier Y
Stephanie Hopkins 
Katherine McCormick Hubler 
Erin Rianna Jones 
Denae LoBato 
Candace Gale Norton Y
Erika Eleanor Ogier 
Caitlan Ann Rizzardo Y
Eve Thompson Rutherfurd 
Laura Jessica Strausberg Y
Melody Anne Thomas 
Shannan Rachelle Staples 
Ashley Hutton Valm 
Meghan Fellows Wenker 
Jenna Marie Wiesenhahn 
Elizabeth Jane Winn 
Summer Yarbrough 
Lucy Thompson Zimmerman 


Hollins Fund: 25%


Total Giving: 26%


Miss Matty's Circle
Sarah Clifton 
Ashley Jones Y
Lia Kelinsky Y
Rebekah Lee Y
Jessi McCormick 
Meghan Norden Y
Hannah Urrey Y
Radford Thomas Whitney 
Other Gifts
Vicki Elizabeth Bonner 
Paige Briddell Cade 
Courtney Chenette 
Patricia Cope 
Catie Couper 
Emily Mendelssohn DeShazor Y
Megan Doldron 
Jennifer Eaton 
Emily Edwards 
Abbie Fisher 
Jennifer Focht 
Brynn Hoffman Y
Monica Huegel 
Liz Schwartz Kauffman 
Linda Lambert 
Meredith McLaurin 
Rebekah Holden McManus Y
Frances McMillan 
Emily Morris Y
Hajal Patel 
Aimee Perkins Y
Cortney Phillips Y
Rebecca Powell 
Stephanie Pratt Y
Jennifer Pryor 
Laura Risley 
Leslie Christian Roop 
Meritha Rucker Y
Jennifer Freeman Santillan 
Emily Smith 
Sierra Smith 
Megan Stolz 
Ashley Holzbach Wagner 
Leigh Werrell 
Harmony Wolfe 


Hollins Fund: 18%


Total Giving: 18%


1842 Society
Sandra Jeanne Stokes 
Miss Matty's Circle
Song Yi Chang Y
Hannah Martine Kiefer 
Kat Cooper Osborn 
Janet May Slaght Y
Jenny Stracke Y
Colleen Elisabeth Thamm 
Other Gifts
Colleen Elise Berny Y
Laura Ruth Bieging 
Tiffany Anne Brown 
Amanda Jo Dennis 
Kelly Renee Hollins 
Elizabeth Matthews Jones 
Erin Suzanne Lavender-Stott Y
Sarah Elizabeth Mann Y
Melissa Korinne Miller 
Kelcy Leigh Mueller Y
Claire Alexandra Nicolas 
Cameron Gray Niedermayer 
Renee Nicole Perry 
Megan Moore Reigle 
Martha Jane Sadler 
Holly Sigler Y
Marina Stanojevic 
Kristin Elysse Stolpe 
Hillary Kay Varner 
Rachel Lee Vaughan 
Kendray Elizabeth Welsh Y


Hollins Fund: 21%


Total Giving: 22%


Miss Matty's Circle
Sarah Anne Chickering Ault-Klam 
Anne Taliaferro Barron Y
Brett Lee Denfeld Y
Caitlin Frances DiMondi * Y
Jennifer Brennan Kentgen 
Emilie Rachel Waickwicz Y
Other Gifts
Ashley Margaret Allen Y
Cailin Michelle Asip 
Laura Rose Batterman 
Olivia C. Berrier Y
Elizabeth Asbury Bills Y
Sarah Anne Breckinridge Y
Jessie Molli Cohen 
Daniella Eguiguren-Menendez Y
Julia Paulina Fabian 
Elizabeth Brooks Hardy 
Alexandra Christine Herring 
Tyne Katherine Hovda Y
Brittany Ashley Erin Jamison 
Frances B. Kalema Y
Allison Lee Krantz 
Kellie Ann Kunerth 
Karoline Mary LeFebre Y
Madeline Rose Marion 
Lianne Jackson McCray Y
Jenna Lynn Nelson 
Kyra Azlin Orr Y
Katherine Elizabeth Rediske * Y
Taylor Rebecca Richardson 
Anya Kay Rossetti 
Lauren Melissa Shallcross 
Amelia Elizabeth Sheaffer 
Alys Nicole Sink 
Heather Gaye Talley 
Samantha Allyson Wimbley Y


Hollins Fund: 22%


Total Giving: 22%


Miss Matty's Circle
Emma A. Bretschneider Y
Jessica Maria Hall Y
Rachel Ann Uliano Y
Other Gifts
Mary Ellen Apgar 
Krista Desiree Barwick Y
Catherine Lia Bertorelli Y
Sara Elizabeth Boddorf Y
Maegan Nichole Braesicke Y
Lauren Nicole Buie Y
Emily Anne Campbell 
Alyssa Suzanne Connatser Y
Aretha LePearl Day Y
Amanda Marie Dibben Y
Elizabeth P. Dodd Y
Kathryn Patricia Eckert Y
Mercedes Kallam Eliassen Y
AnnaBeth Marcia Fish Y
Amanda Taylor Gray Y
Laura Shaun Hawley Y
Taylor Dawn Hurley Y
Sarah Elizabeth Ingel Y
Angel Lee Jackson 
Sarah K. Jarosinski Y
Pauline Poh Ching Khoo 
Kerry Rose Kinnison Y
Alyssa Rose Kovin Y
Kelsey Benham Kriz Y
Jacqueline Yi Lam Y
Wendy Brooke Laumone 
Meredith D. Levy Y
Yafen Liang Y
Margaret Jane Loughnane Y
Amanda Mae Marcus Y
Eileen Michelle O'Connor Y
Kayla Lynn Oelhafen Y
Elizabeth Anne Smoak Y
Hong Thi Thanh Tran 
Mary Elizabeth Wells Y
Annemarie Caprice Westphalen 


Hollins Fund: 67%


Total Giving: 67%


Miss Matty's Circle
Cassandra Joanne Bjerke Y
Macy Anne Carman Y
Kelsey Breanna DeForest Y
Keslie Kristine Gonzales Y
Amber Heath Hernandez Y
Melissa Leigh Hubbard Y
Claire Mason McCown Y
Kathryn Michele McDowell Y
Blair St. Ledger-Olsen Y
Brittany Leigh Tomaselli Y
Other Gifts
Anonymous (2)
Nicole Danielle Baptiste Y
Morgan E. Barker Y
Bivishika Bhandari Y
Brittany E. Biesecker Y
Yasmeen Asha Boiragee Y
Marissa Nicole Bolin Y
Mary-Claire Brickell Y
Meghan Maureen Brown Y
Sarah Nicole Brown Y
Shannon Elizabeth Bryant Y
Victoria Marisa Caldwell Y
Taylor Margaret Cannon Y
Christina Marie Carmody Y
Elizabeth Brooke Charles Y
Mary Kathryn Noel Claytor Y
Madeline Elizabeth Clifford Y
Miranda Paige Coble Y
Alicia Katherine Coleman Y
Lee Collie Y
Emmaline Katherine Conover Y
Morgan Grey Dean Y
Carrie Rednour Dixon Y
Amanda Mitchell Dutton Y
Angela Nicole Ebron Y
Amber J. Euchler Y
Margaret Claire Fancher Y
Cara Marie Ferraro Y
Hannah Van Zandt Ferrell Y
Amie R. Fleming-Haddock Y
Courtney Kathleen Flerlage Y
Whitney Lowe Fleshman Y
Lindsley Fletcher Y
Lacie Virginia Forrest Y
Kayla Morgan Gatti Y
Sarah Elizabeth Tally Giles Y
Sarah Joann Simone Glick Y
Sarah Beth Gornall Y
Jasmine Dominique Greene Y
Darshana Kathryn Rajlaxmi Griggs Y
Melissa Ann Hairston Y
Brenda Clark Hale Y
Brittany Catherine Hanavan Y
Jessica Kazuye Hayashida Y
Kaitlin Corinne Heath Y
Jo Anne Renee Heauser Y
Isabel Sarah Henderson Y
Ashley Maria Hodges Y
Caitlin Elizabeth Hoerr Y
Nora Elizabeth Hood Y
May Paing Htet Latt Y
Kelly Annemarie Hunt Y
Sadia Inayat Y
Alicia Marie Johns Y
Danielle Lynn Jordan-Baile Y
Johana Marie Keller Y
Kailen Marie Kinsey Y
Maria Elise Latiolais Y
Alison Mae Lovell Y
Wei Luo Y
Kaiya Martin Y
Jessie Lynn McAfoos Y
Holly Bromley Milch Y
Eden Deidre Miller Y
Lydia Anne Miller Y
Jenna Leigh Milton Y
Nicole Tasha Mobley Y
Mary Minette Morgan Y
Ruth Elizabeth Morris Y
Laura Susanne Myhill Y
Ashlee Tanaylia Oliver Y
Bethany Morgan O'Neil Y
Lindsey Sage Otto Y
Carolyn Michelle Pace Y
Virginia Young Patrick Y
Rebecca Kai Pfeil Y
Kara Renee Phillips Y
Eliza Boone Pipkin Y
Emily Lane Plecker Y
Tenisha Nicole Reaves Y
Allyson Elizabeth Reed Y
Megan Cates Robbins Y
Jessica Elizabeth Sharp Y
Jessica Leigh Sheperd Y
Caitlin Marie Shipe Y
Kayla Dawn Smith Y
Kristina Marie Sprenkle Y
Hanaiyah Marie Stroman Y
Lindley Anne Taylor Y
Molly Emma Townzen Teague Y
Ankur Thapa Y
My Thi Ha Tran Y
Kierra Lechele Wiley Y
Ashley Ann Williams Y
Maria Gertrude Wilson Y
Melissa Amanda Jane Wilson Y
Ashton Rae Witt Y